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6.2 Warning, don't delay the outing in the hope that the sun will come out :)

Chatted online to pals and posted a couple of blogs to others on here early this morning .... it looked lovely outside, but I could see the wind's effect on the trees and told myself I'd wait til the midday sun was higher and had a warming influence on everything ...then I'd tackle the last of the walk/run/walk/run/walks.

Oh lordy, not a good decision. Had a bloke singing to me, saying we had to get outta this town ... yeah, and follow him to the sunshine! Heck, chance would be a fine thing...It had started to sleet and blow just a bit too much for my liking.

Still, onwards and upwards, to keep warm as much as anything and little lady sings she's feeling red, with both feet on the ground. Muse to myself that this is daft - I'm beetroot toned with splashes of white on my nose... and how the heck can I have both feet on the ground and do this run? Still, the beat was suitably 'ploddy' for me.

Plodded onwards and lost awareness of the silly music, Sleet turned to snow and wind increased. Just as well I'd decided to run without glasses as I don't have wipers on those! Barely did the three minute walk as I just wanted to get this done and over and to stay warm in the process - more a continued very slow jog to keep body temperature cosy. Ran the second 10 minutes and some - to the end of podcast at which point I started the little walk back to my home. My MP3 player shuffled onto an old Carol King song and she told me she was feeling, oh so cold! Timing is everything. Gonna warm up in a hot shower now, and spend the afternoon compiling some 25, 28 and 30 minutes 'albums' of my own music choices. Will listen to Laura's intro at the weekend and then switch across to music and lyrics which I can get lost in for lengths of time whilst non-stop running from here on in - 6.3 and onwards... here I come, probably singing as I go. :D

Lots of luck to all C25Kers out there. Nothing but admiration for those of you who did this in deep snow and sub zero temperatures a few weeks ago. Linda x

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Nice blog Linda! Good on you for not being put off and getting out there though despite the "winter" weather :) Keep singing, it will make the time fly by hopefully! :D

Sue x


It's an absolutely beautiful day here well done Linda I knew you could do it and in such appalling conditions. I on the other hand cannot seem to do it today no amount of sunshine is going to inspire me so am having another rest day and will try for 6r3 tomorrow. Congratulations on beating the gremlins very proud of you


Thanks. And all the very best for your 6.3 soon! I've almost compiled my 25 min 'album' for use over the weekend ;) Just know you'll dispel your spooks too. Lots of luck and a fair-weather day too, to help you along the way. Linda x


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