Well gor blimey guvnor, what a totally gorgeous day! A flawless sky and a big yellow thing shining brightly made me don my running clobber with gusto and enthusiasm. My legs are still not 100% and if I were a premiere league footballer, the manager would be saying something like -

"Like I said, Dans on't bench today. The lad looked ok in trainin' but I'm restin' 'im, cos at the end of the day he won't be able to give 110%, and it IS a game of two 'alves....at the end of the day.....obviously." (were there enough football cliches in that sentence do you think?)

ANyway, I set off and was really looking forward to running by the river. There's something about running by sunlit water isn't there? Early on, the old legs were a bit uncomfortable but I figured that once I'd got a K under my belt and warmed up the muscles I'd be tickety boo. And so it came to pass! After one K I was going steady through St Margarets (which is a very "OK YAH!" area) and jogging past the coffee shops which were full of said types. I have no idea why I decided to run along a busy street full of shops because I get extremely irate at stupid folk who get in my bloody way! I'm wearing extremely brightly coloured clothing as well as revealingly tight lycra leggings and you would think that people would think - "Oh look. Runner at 10 o'clock. Move to the left two paces". BUT THEY NEVER DO! The ba****s!! Anyway, I trundled past Twickenham FIlm Studios where The Beatles (my fave group in the world) filmed their two movies and headed down towards Marble Hill Park. I decided to take a sneaky road down to the river instead and once I'd negotiated more idiots who got in my way I had reached the sunny sparkly Thames, full of bobbing boats and moor hens that went "squawk squawk!" This is my favourite part of my run - the jog along the river back to Richmond.

There were so many runners out today and through my dark glasses I studied their running form, for the brief moment I had as they passed me in the opposite direction. I always think I must look ridiculous because I don't pick my feet up very high and sometimes my feet glide along the ground as if they never left the ground in the first place! Whenever I see someone looking cool and groovy I completely change my running form for the few paces required so I look "gazelle like"! Hahaha! Dunno why. I just don't want them to think - "Jeez! Look at that twit!"

Anyway, my breathing these days is amazingly good so I must be pretty fit. I never ever get out of breath, but my legs were feeling it a bit today. I pushed on and crossed the road at Richmond Bridge and kerplonked my way along the river, homeward bound. "Not far to go now Dan" I told myself. "Keep it together baby. You're doin' good kid!". I was too - I wasn't going fast, but I was moving. I began to think about Mrs Dan's latest wheeze about us not having any booze for 7 days and felt glad I hadn't drunk a vat of wine last night. I made the mistake yesterday of having a pizza with a work colleague in Soho and it was soooooo dripping in fatty gloopy cheese I couldn't eat most of it and felt sick as a dog afterwards. I believe my body has gone through a transition since running regularly, eating extremely healthily and losing 16lbs and it can't cope with junk food. At least I know that now, so will avoid all fast foods for the rest of my life. I'm gonna become a bloody nightmare food bore and say things like - "Oh, yah, I'll have the mung bean salad with alfalfa sprouts with a side of yellow fin tuna." (obviously I'd order a bottle of wine with that!...OBVIOUSLY!)

Got home and immediately ice packed my right shin. It felt good and seemed to calm the buzzing down. Then into the jacuzzi for a nice warm luxurious soak! Lovely.

The picture is this mornings Super Dan costume attire. So if you see me coming towards you - GET OUT OF MY BLOODY WAY! Hahahahaha!!

Happy running folks. I love you all.

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11 Replies

  • Hi Dan! You are so eloquent! I love your posts! It's hard eating healthily when you are out and about but it sounds like your body has discovered the food it prefers, which is a good thing. And surely just a small glass of vino is acceptable in anybody's book?

    Enjoy your riverbank runs too!

  • Small glass of vino? Sorry, but did you say SMALL? Small? I've never heard of such a thing! Hahaha!

    Thanks Beek. :-)

  • I did a very slow 6K run too this morning with 2.5K added on for longer than usual warm up/cool down. We had a big yellow thing in the sky too, 14C but felt more like 18-20C. I was quite pleased though with distance its only my 4th run since getting back out there. Your posts always help me find motivation Dan I do envy your running along the river banks, will have to drive down to the Dee one of these days and try it myself. Hope your shins are OK.

  • Thanks OldGirl. Well done for doing a SIXER as well! Wasn't it lovely today? Shins are.....well.....not bad. I'm keeping a beady on them...!

  • Hi Dan, I am a newbie and cannot imagine running and not trying to control my breathing! Is that possible? I am impressed and you look the part too :)

  • Brill post! Made me laugh!! I like the Gazelle bit! Funny pic! :-) I'm sure I'm going to get that way with the heathy eating - ordering fancy salads etc. My hubs offered a beer to me yesterday and I was like "no, it's OK I'd rather not cos I'm running tomorrow" lol. I would never have said that before....ever. You had a great run then by the sounds of it. :-D

  • Is has been said that many a fast run has been done the morning after the night before, I don't however encourage this act ;)

  • Wonderful post as usual. Glad you had a great run, barring the pedestrians!! We were grandparent sitting this weekend, and the little princess decided it was great to wake everyone up so that "we could take [her] to the park". Good excuse for a run I thought, while the GPs took turns on swing duty and the OH dog walked. Not. I'd quite happily swop for your pedestrians. Pretty please with a cherry on top?

  • Great post, you made me laugh. The photo especially, Super Dan with the Stranglers as the theme tune. If you look at people like that when you run I bet they'd scarper out of you way pretty swiftly. Wishing you lovely runs until your next post.

  • Great pic, Dan, but where's the cape? And the mask? Then people really would get out of your way! :D

  • He looks like a real mean lean running machine doesn't he Annie!!?! :)

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