Run in the sun

Run in the sun

So after all my treadmill running I finally ventured outside and risked the pollen. The sunshine is glorious but hayfever can be a real pain. I combined the run with my retriever, Rico's, normal walk. First issue where to put the poo bags and treats? They just about fitted in my running shorts. I walked the first 5 mins which included the normal business clear up - thoughtfully near the poo bin. Then off I go - not too fast to start. Running through trees with the occasional call to get my four legged friend to catch up and stop chasing squirrels.

Thought I'd check my heart rate and that's when it happened. I manage to hit a tree root and turn my ankle while checking my watch - 5 minutes into the run. All the running I've done inside and I've never injured myself but this was excruciating. A few deep breaths and gingerley see if I can walk - actually it felt ok. Wondered if I could continue running and just be more careful about where I look.

So I jogged a bit and then amazed myself by getting back into my stride. Rico lagged behind most of the way and I had one further stop jogging on the spot while whistling for him top stop chasing a pheasant and return to me.

I completed the run with a burst uphill then walked for 5 minutes. In total just over 30 minutes to do a walk that normally takes 45-50 depending on wildlife.

So apart from a sore, bruised foot I really enjoyed running for about 20 minutes total and just under 4k. Speed was slower today but max heart rate 176 and average 146 bpm (including the walking), which is lower than when pounding the treadmill. Also I wasn't as sweaty today as there was a cooling breeze.

I know I could have run longer thanks to C25K. I was surprised my four legged friend was happy to run behind without too many stops and now is lying peacefully asleep as you can see.

I didn't use music today, no Laura chirping in my ear but found, thanks to the C25k+ podcasts, I was breathing and counting 1,2,3,4. All round a very satisfying way to start the day.

Think I'll rest up until Friday and run the 5k I've plotted if my foot has recovered.


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  • Oh I hope your ankle is ok! Rico is lovely :-) I prefer to run without music or the podcast. I'd only use it now for interval training.

  • Thanks Panda - must admit it's a bit sore now

  • Get some ice on that foot and have a well earned rest. Rico is lovely I wish my pooch was safe to let off lead and run with me :( but sadly he will never be safe he has no road sense no stranger danger he would go off with anyone........

  • Thanks luckily I am running through woodland so no roads near to worry about. Rico would probably go with anyone that has food ;-) but not if he is chasing rabbits etc. Will try the ice pack after lunch

  • It's so easy to turn your ankle! Rest up and then see how it is after a day's rest. Keep it up on a pillow in bed, Ibufren pill before turning in is a good idea. I have ibufren gel too but you can't use the two together

    I dont run with the dog as he's just too difficult to handle, plus he would run off, so I walk him til he's tired and then set off while he snoozes

  • I thought I'd have to run with him on the lead as he normally makes his own path when he's off but he seemed to get the idea that it would be good to follow. On the lead he wold be cutting in front of me I'm sure as he's done that before - not good when on snow.

    Thanks for the gel idea as my daughter has some

  • Lovely dog.

    I swear by my dicky bag, holds poop bags and then erm full poop bags

  • Thanks Spoonie the dicky bags look good

  • Sweet dog!

    Sounds very satisfying (apart from the foot ... and the clearing up!)

    Dogs make great running companions don't they? I've got out of the habit of using music and podcasts at the moment, it's quite nice to hear the birds and my feet on the ground. A nice rhythm of breathing too.

    Enjoy your Friday 5k :-)

  • Thanks I will

  • You'll get a fitter and even livelier dog if you take him running regularly! I hope you both enjoy it - and look after your ankle next time...

  • Will try to thanks Becca - icing it at the moment

  • Hope your ankle recovers well before your 5k run. It's lovely that you can go out with your dog!! Looks like he is enjoying his well earned rest.

  • Thanks he's still out for the count

  • Sounds like a wonderful run -poor Rico looks worn out!

  • Don't ever get your poo bags and treats mixed up!!!

    Well done for getting out and the gorgeous Nico looks, well, dog tired! I have to take an antihistamine tablet on every day I run, because for some reason I have just developed hay fever when I run! It seems to do the trick, but I always have a tissue under my bra strap just in case!

    Good luck with your foot, I hope it's better soon :)

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