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4 seasons in one run - what is going on with our weather!!!!!

Well hopefully today was to be my last physio appointment and although I ran yesterday I needed to do a run before the appointment to let my physio see what was going on.

So off down to my lovely gym this morning, 50 minutes of low impact aerobics first then running gear on and off I would go!!!!!!

Who turned the blizzard machine on then? Out of the gym door with snow coming at me horizontally, thankfully onto my back, oh no I forgot my cap and no warm hat in the car either. Anyway, I'm not a whimp (just a plonker at times) so I kept going. Turned right at the bottom of the road, yikes, hail stone, damn thats sore on my face, awch, that hurts my ears. OMG why am I out here? Then the wind blew the chattering monkey off my shoulder and left me in peace, to my music and the elements. Up onto the beach esplanade, some sleet now, lovely its on my back as I run north, no correction its down my back as I run north slowly!!! :(

Well that was slow going so now I have to turn at the standing stones and reverse my run, OMG again, thats the sleet turned to snow. Oh jeepers creepers my slow run at the best of times has been reduced to a crawl like lope along. Then the elements decided to see if I was really made of the hard stuff, hail stone, they felt like golf balls hitting my face, awch, ouch, I want my mummy!!!!! Well that I'm afraid reduced me to walking along the bottom path twice in the next 1.5K. Had to take my glasses off too as they were getting covered and they don't have built in wiper blades! (I must not do this again without my Ronhill running cap) This is by far the hardest run I have ever had weather wise.

Oh thank goodness I'm back at the tunnel which takes me under the road, just 1K to go, then 500M almost there now, the snow, hail stone sleet has stopped, I'm almost out of the wind. I turn up onto the road the gym is on, 300M to go. Who turned the sun on, thank you who ever it was, I love you :)

This was the last recovery run, it was 5K, it took me over 36 minutes, slowest 5K run I've ever done, but heyho thats what can happen up here in the far NE Scotland, 4 seasons in one run! :) And best of all physio says she doesn't need to see me again unless I have any further problems, so fingers crossed for the future.

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Well done for going out! Sounds horrid! My mother lives up that way, (50 miles north of Inverness) It's very lovely up there.. even if a bit grim weather wise today for you!


Hi Lynds my eldest son and family live in Caithness, (very top end) the children were out playing yesterday in just their Tshirts. We went for a walk in the afternoon and it was freezing cold, hat, scarf and gloves cold!!!!!


What a delightful blog, made me smile ... out loud! Well done you for enduring it all in the name of science. After helping out your physio with her job, maybe you should turn your skills to meteorology? Loved reading this. :D Linda x


We've had snow again this afternoon but now there's a strange glowing orange ball making an appearance in the sky really not too sure what it's! :D

Great Run, thanks for sharing!


Good for you braving the hailstones in your face. Snow and sleet are bad, but hailstone in your face are horrible,

It was snowing here this morning when I did my run, but the sun dared to make an appearance this afternoon - for all of 10 mins.

> And best of all physio says she doesn't need to see me again unless I

> have any further problems, so fingers crossed for the future.

Brilliant news! I know what you feel on hearing this. I, too, was given the same news last week and left her room beaming!


Haha swanscot I left her room, crimson faced due to all the wind, snow and hailstone, my face is still all of a tingle :) I thought the hailstones would actually break my glasses at one point, not funny but you can laugh it off after your home and in the warm.

I'm delighted I've got the all clear from the physio, will still take it easy for another few runs though just in case, well at £32 a time it would be a wise choice to be careful :)


An enjoyable blog to read... not sure I'd have enjoyed being out there though. Full marks for your determination! :D


Great blog. For 4 seasons there wasn't much summer in the mix.

Reminded me of an old gamekeeper on Deeside who greeted a friend of mine in a hailstorm with "Aye loon, there's no muckle gobal warmin the day"!


Great blog; I was with you the whole journey! :) Crazy, crazy weather!

So glad you have the all clear, that is just fantastic news! Lets hope the sun shines on you for your next run to celebrate! :D

Sue x


Yuk - snow, hail, wind - but finally sun :) Great blog, thanks for the giggle. And I'm so pleased to know that your physio has signed you off - hooray! Happy running!


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