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Very early run

So W1 R2, didn't have time to do it before work so decided to do it after. But...... since I didn't finish till 2 am its been a very early run in the works gym. First time on a treadmil and I found I pushed myself more and ran faster ( prob pay for that in the morning). Still felt.good to do my second run :) . Now off home for a shower then a good night's sleep

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wow, that is an early run. don't push it too hard. Keep it going you will be amazed at how much you can achieve with this programme.

Good luck.


Thx :)


That took commitment! Well done.


If I'd had to do it outside then i wouldn't have done it. Turns out the gym at work is pretty well stocked with equipment, reckon I could be dropping by there more often since I'm already there.


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