Week 5 Run 3

Wow! I was terrified to try run #3 so I had put it off because I didn't think I could do it. I didn't understand why the program I'm using went from an 8 minute run to 20 minutes! But, I decided to go ahead and try and I did it!  I am so proud of myself and it felt so good. I haven't been able to do than in a very long time. I know to some it is no big deal and honestly I jog pretty slow but even so I am happy and ready for week 6!!!!

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  • Well done- it's a great feeling. 

  • Well done!

    To be fair , W5R2 is 16 minutes of running with a short walk halfway thru. So 20 minutes isn't that much more - but the program is designed so that you are prepared for it. 

    Remember that Week 2 sees a 50% increase in running time (from 1 minute to 1.5 mins). Week 3 sees a 100% increase (!) - 1.5 min to 3. 

    So 2x 8 min to 20, isn't actually too much of a leap. It just looks like it.

    What's happened is that Weeks 1-4 have got you used to being on your feet for 20-25 minutes, so jogging for 20 mins, actually turns out to be much easier than you imagine.

    Did you know that when you train for a marathon (I haven't), you actually never run the full distance until the race (26.2 miles) itself? The longest training run will probably be around 20 miles - the principle being that all the training, from short runs at the start to doing say 3x 18 mile runs a week, is enough to help you run a single 26 miles when the time comes.

    Imagine running for 20 miles (maximum) in training and then expect to run 6 miles (10k!) extra on the day of the race? But the same logic and science applies.



  • That was pretty much the tactic I used for W5R3.  Knew I could do the 8 minute runs either side of the 3 minute walk.  It was just a case of joining the dots in the middle.  Not sure if that made it any easier or less nerve wracking but hey!

  • Thats really interesting  John, thankyou xxx

  • Fantastic!  Such a brilliant feeling when you discover that you can do what you thought you couldn't! 

    Keep up the good work :)

  • Thanks everyone! I really love the information and support this community provides. I hate that I am unable to download the UK couch to 5k program with Julie in it because I am in the U.S. 

  • Cant you do it from here ?


    Or doesnt it work ? Sorry if I have given you the wrong link, tech is a bit of a weakness of mine xxx

  • I can get the podcasts but not the app. When I try to download the app from the App Store it says I must change to the UK. When I change to the UK store it says I must change back to US lol. 

  • I am using the podcasts alone (I live in Sweden) and it works well for me!

  • I never found Julie either!! Technology isn't my strong point but I suppose I must have been just using the podcast.... anyway it seemed ok for me! Well done for achieving run 3 - I was terrified too but the programme works (as John explained really well!). Best of luck with your future runs. 

  • Well done. That's my next run. Hoping to get out in next couple of days for it. Glad it went wellfor you 

  • Congratulations.  Feels like you're on top of the world doesn't it?

  • Congratulations!  That's a huge milestone in the programme and you just cracked it :)  Well done, and enjoy the afterglow of success!  Bet you're still smiling about it today ;)

    Happy running!

  • Well done you! 

    I think many of us felt exactly like you..but, you did it! :)

  • Well done, a great milestone completed!  I'm planning on doing it tomorrow, hope it goes well.

  • Very well done! That is a huge achievement!

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