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Early morning run still 🥵

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Twas a rare early morning jaunt this morning, after simply not wanting to risk running in this heat, I opted to do that dad taxi thing and deliver the eldest to work for her summer job.

So a tad later than hoped I got out about 7am, stretches and water drank. Suncream applied 👍, I took the new brooks ghost 14's for a little run, clinging to the shade wherever the towpath offered it. The trusty Aonijie soft flask topped up with good ol H20 for hydration ( even a short run needs fluids given the heat!)

It was a warm one and some 🥵🥵🔥🔥, the new runners felt just like new runners should, they had that bounce and did a grand job.

Weather forecast mentions 🌦️🌧️🌩️for the weekend ohhhh hurrah 🥳. I shall be out in it with out a doubt, the rains far kinder to my delicate complexion 🙃.

Keep safe in this heat people, if it's too hot then hey, leave that run until cooler, and definitely remember that water, your cap and all the other bits👍

Happy running from Costa del Wales


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Well done on your run and getting out nice and early! Lovely new shoes 😍

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Imc50Moderator in reply to Tasha99

Cheers Tasha99 I hope Ive not jeopardized your Hola commission, but errrrrr I tried I even left the shop with a pair of Hola Rincon super bright in orangey-red, but I wore them around the house etc and I just couldn't get comfy in them, they were so narrow in the toe-box area. So after the sales assistant (an actual real runner as well 🤣) said I really didn't require a stability shoe. I plumped for the new ghost ohhhhhhhhhh 🥰. Now I just need to make the sun out 😳

Brooks ghost 14
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Tasha99Graduate in reply to Imc50

A lot of people love brooks ghost! 👌🏽

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Nice shoes, Imc! Well done for your early (ish) run. 👏👏👏👍😊

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Ta Julia, not quite as early as yourself, taxi duty compromised an earlier run 🤪

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Well done on getting out there in the heat! 👍Even 7am is hot 🥵

I'm certainly looking forward to a cooler weekend

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Imc50Moderator in reply to Instructor57

It's definitely a tough call Ian, roll-on Sunday 🥳

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Instructor57Moderator in reply to Imc50

Bring it on 👍😁

Beautiful scenic route! Well done you for running in this heat! I haven’t been brave enough to run outside yet and sticking to the treadmill for now but you’ve inspired me as this looks so scenic and peaceful!

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Imc50Moderator in reply to MaCherie112

Brilliant thank you MaCherie112 now the last time I looked I'm sure that treadmill of yours is powered by electric 🤓, save yourself a fortune, unplug it grab some water and get yourself out there!

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MaCherie112 in reply to Imc50

I definitely need to!!! 😂

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Costa del Cymru? You're about as inland as you can get!

From the real coast of Wales (last day today).

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Well done Imc50…like the sound of your flask…and yes, hydration in this heat is an absolute must…something I often forget. 🤪 It should be run day for me tomorrow so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for some rain later in the day & then I’m at a wedding on Saturday so if I don’t get to run tomorrow I’ll make up for it on the dance floor on Sat night 💃🏼

Happy new shoe day 😀

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Imc50Moderator in reply to Mummycav

Cheers Bev, I'm a sucker for a new pair of brooks....... That's the flask btw very impressive it's only about 400ml but it's got a great bite valve, and the outer case will hold a phone as well

Soft flask
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Are those long socks or leggings you're wearing in the middle photo in the collage?

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Imc50Moderator in reply to nowster


Good advice and I’m so late seeing this that we’ve had the rain 🌧 ☔️ and she ☀️ has come back 😀but it’s not so hot Love the Brooks 14’s

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