A very wet W4R1

A very wet W4R1

I'm doing C25K with my daughter to encourage her, although I can run a 5k, its still helping me get out there. 

Yesterday was her W4R1 and she was nervous.  The weather has been so changeable the last few days, so by the time she had mustered the courage to do it, clouds had gathered. 

I had suggested a different place for running where they do my local Parkrun, just for her to see the course. So as we drove there a few spots of rain hit the windscreen but nothing much.  We parked up and started the warm up, and there were a few more drops, until about 7 minutes into the podcast the heavens opened up, we decided to just carry on. 

I have never been so wet in my entire life, we were soaked to the skin, my trainers squelched with each step and I couldn't see as my glasses were covered in a combination of rain and steam! But we couldn't stop laughing! As we were doing the cool down at the end it stopped raining. I put plastic bags on the car seats and we drove home still giggling. 

There is a point to this story, it rained, we got wet, my trainers are still drying out but it didn't stop us. Not that I'd encourage anyone to go out in a downpour, but we didn't die! And secondly it was the first time my daughter had run and not had to use her asthma pump during the run. She said her lungs didn't feel as if they were going to collapse. 

So if it's a bit cloudy we are still going to get out there and run, but hopefully we won't get caught out so badly in the following sessions 😊


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13 Replies

  • Fab, looking great!

  • Not my most flattering picture, but you can see we weren't defeated! Lol 

  • Well done you dafties lol!

    It's a great habit to go out 'despite' the weather but torrential is a bit hardcore!

    Good luck for the next one :)

  • Dafties! I love it, we aren't really planning anymore 'hardcore' runs but we're still laughing about it today! Trainers are still waterlogged 😳

  • I'm glad I'm not the only one suffering from steamed-up specs! It makes avoiding the snails tricky, doesn't it. 

  • It's a good job we don't run barefoot! That would be gross! 😳

  • Fantastic! Well done to you both, you know the other day I was talking to a lady who can run much faster and much further than me.  We talked about our joy in running, she suggested we should look at this through the eyes of a child, it's all good, whatever you do.

      I've done that got caught in a huge downpour, the buzz I had afterwards was fantastic, yes you're soggy, got glasses you can hardly see out of, so wet there's no point putting on a jacket,  it reminded me of being a child, and that 'oh no, what's my mum going to say' ha ha 😄

    Fantastic, love it - my next plan is to go sploshing through puddles!



  • Actually my daughter (who is 26 btw) said about running through the puddles on the route up.  On the way back they had turned into mini lakes 😂 So we had to run through them anyway. 

     I think a child-like attitude is one we all need to remember once in a while, thank you for reminding me 😊

  • I met a runner coming in the other direction yesterday who had abandoned his upper layer. A very practical solution to rain logged shirts, but I don't think the world is quite ready yet for me with my boobies out! Yes, very childish and silly. I could get into this.

  • You know I went out in a crop top last week, for the first time - it's taken me 2 years to get the confidence to do that 😄, I couldnt go in just my sports bra ooh no! 🙈 trouble is ive still got some bits that look like they need ironing, the world is definitely not ready for that......😄


  • I bought a new sports bra from M&S the other week which looks like a crop top, even my sister said you'd be ok running in that and she's 72!  I'm not brave enough for that yet, between the bits that need ironing like Madge50 and the bits that still wobble, I fear it's one step too far at the moment! 😳 😂 

  • Brilliant ! Running in the rain is fab !

    Well done ! :-) xxx

  • I was reminded of Dory in Finding Nemo...

    Just keep swimming... 🐟

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