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Week 6 Run 1 Complete !!!!! (Early)

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Bank Holiday when I awoke early this morning and although I had only completed Week 5 run 3 yesterday I had a bit of a dilemma because I had told everyone yesterday that I was going to repeat Week 5 before I moved onto Week 6!!!! But I decided to push on and do Week 6 run 1 this morning which was utter madness, but due to my plans for the week changing I thought it's either today or wait until Wednesday so being the impatient type and having managed the 20 main run yesterday thoughts went to "just get on with it!!!! " . So Laura and I set off at 0700 this morning and when she said the 5min run was almost there Ithought , fine do it..... It was hard, then when the 8 minute run came along, it was hard, then the final 5 mmain run was even harder!!!! But I pushed on with it, but the moral of the story is I did not give myself enough recovery time in between runs!!!

So I will be from now on and good luck to all of you

Best regards


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Well done on completing the first run of week 6. It seems you have discovered why we need the rest days though, and why they are so important. Hope you feel recovered for your next run. Good luck and best wishes.

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Hey Fitmo good to hear from you !!! Yes I have learned a lesson but was glad I did it !!! Am going to take 2 days rest now but not aching too much !!! Take care best tregards josie_-Jo

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Yay! Well done and all the best for the rest of the week :) I must say I only just made it today; I think the heat didn't agree with me, but it was a BH, so I deserved a lie in. Enjoy your day :)

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Hey Treemouse well done for getting there and completing your Wk6 Run 1!!!!!! It is such a great feeling to be here at this point although I didn't think so this morning !!!! Good luck with run 2 best regards Josie-Jo

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Well done for completing it but it does sound like you could have done with that extra day. I was toying with the idea of only having one days rest instead of two but I think I'll stick with two especially as I'm hoping to increase my pace each week.

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Hey Paul2014 I could and should have taken the rest day!!!! Will now be taking 2 rest days (well that is the plan!!!!!) before my next run!!! Good luck with yours and let me know how it feels to increase your pace!!! Good luck and best regards Josiue-Jo

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Will do ;)

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At least you now know your limitations now, but more to the point - why the rest days are so important. But the great thing is that you did it and did not wuss out.

This is a hard enough programme without missing rest days so be good to yourself and stop missing them out. You do not want to risk an injury do you?

Good luck for the rest of your journey! :)

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Hey Beek I really do understand why the rest days are so important it was a dilemma I will not be having again!!!!! Am going to rest now for a couple of days before my next run but am glad that I did stick with it because it would have been so easy to give up !!

Best regards jo

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BAm bam bam kabooom!!!! Well done josie jo and well done also for respecting Week 6. It can bite you on the ar*e if you're not careful, especially having conquered the 3rd run of W5! In 4 weeks time, you'll be a graduate. Just think of that baby!!

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Oh yes Mr Dan I sure do respect the week 6!!!!! Like you say it can come and bite you but am pleased that I did persevere with it!!! Am going to have a go at run 2 on Wednesday or Thursday especially having made my way through week 5!!!!!

Am so looking forward to 4 weeks time but need to listen to Laura and all of you on here and take my time instead of being too impatient !!! Haha best regards Josie-Jo

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well done you...and yes the recovery helps!!

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Hey juicyju thank you and yes I can see why the recovery days help and are there am pleased I completed it though!! Best regards Josie-Jo

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Well done on managing to get through it without a rest day, JJ. That's some going, but I bet you'll take rest days in future!

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Absolutely Miles_Yonder!!!!! It was good although hard and am pleased I did it BUT will not be doing it again, I must listen to Laura as she is very sensible and not as impatient as myself !!!! Best regards JJ

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