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Back in Black (running socks)!

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Runners forgive me but I have couched, it has been nearly 3 weeks since my last run.

My calf muscle just hasn't been right but I was determined to go for a wee run at least. I bought myself some special black running socks which apparently are good for road running with extra support etc in a sale and was sure these would help. I slathered (I am sure that is the correct term and dosage) Ibuprofen gel on my calf and off I went.

I decided to do B210K as I reasoned if I felt not right I could stop after the first 10 minutes. If I felt ok after the minutes walk I would go onto the next 10 minutes. But I would stop as soon as it felt sore.

My leg was really stiff for the first 5 minutes but once it loosened up it felt like I was flying through minutes 6 - 10. I have so missed this.

The walk was good and I went for the second 10 minute stint. Again my leg was stiff for the first half but I managed okay. The walk was fine so I decided to push on to run 3.

Run 3 was tough, the last half I could feel my legs were tired but I managed to push on to the end. My legs were a smidge wobbly during the walk but I wanted to try the last run.

Run 4 wasn't comfortable and I felt a slight twinge 3 minutes in. I remembered my pain means stop rule and so even though I wanted to push on to the end I made myself gently stop and have my walk cool down.

It wasn't quick, my stiff leg made me run like a constipated penguin for the first few minutes and my leg is freezing with an ice pack wrapped round it, but darn I enjoyed that. Its crazy, I hated running a few months ago and now I am basking in the after glow of having completed a not very good nor impressive run. Now if only I could convince Wifey that I should get a C25K graduate t-shirt.

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Look! The kilt legs! Woo hoo!

Very impressed - not that you ran (though that is impressive) but that you made yourself stop at the warning sign. Good on you. Hope you're legs will be behaving nicely tomorrow too, not aching too much.

Yes, you need that shirt! ;)

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Loving the imagine of a constipated penguin! Well done getting back out there. I'm sure you don't need permission to get that shirt that you so obviously deserve. :)

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The constipated penguin made me laugh. Well done for doing the sensible thing and stopping. Yes, you need that shirt. And we need a picture of you in the shirt and kilt ;-)

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Great legs for a kilt!

Yep, you need the T shirt, it's a rite of passage - got mine even if it doesn't fit nicely ( should have got a mens one) but hope with another couple of stones off it'll feel bettter!

I haven't run since Sunday as have a sore calf ( feels tight and sore like I have had a really bad cramp that leaves it bruised, so I have been out on my bike for 5x50 yesterday and today). Hoping it's better by Saturday and may do a parkrun :-)

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Get the shirt, get the shirt! Well done for stopping when you felt the pain - all the best for your continued recovery.

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