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Burning sensation in lower legs - shin splints?

I've been getting a burning sensation in my left lower leg, not shin, not calf but the outer side from ankle to almost level with the knee. It actually happens on the walk up the slight incline to the gym. At first it was ok once I got running, and all gone on the walk home.

Over the last week it's started to be there whenever I walk, on the flat...routes that I was doing fine before, and in whatever footwear I happen to have on.

Today on the walk to the gym it was both legs. It's really painful and I get a bit limpy and even felt a bit sicky. Today wasn't a running day, I was there for yoga, but I found I still had the pain on the walk home.

Could this be shin splints? It's not actually on my shin though so not sure? What's the advice with running when experiencing leg pain?

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Are your shins / lower leg painful to touch or apply pressure to?

Have a read here


I had a similar pain but it was at the front of my ankles kind of above my laces. I've dumped my trainers and have gone back to my Vibrams and it's cured the problem. I also use calf compression socks to keep my lower legs warm.


Thanks for replies. My legs don't hurt to touch and is more on the outside than inside of shin bone. It does feel better when running than in the warm up and cool down walks though.

I had to google Vibrams Nix , not heard of them before...interesting looking footwear! I watched the BBC1 programme last week that queried the benefit of support trainers, and as I got a pair a feww weeks back...does make me wonder,

Heading to the docs for something else tis week, but will ask about it while I'm there. Might just be the shock of exercise to me novice muscles!


I love my funky shoes! I've done much better since getting back in to them. Talking of which, I may just go tackle week 6 day 2!


You go! I will see how I progress along the programme then look into the funky footwear :)


I hope you are still on here. I just read this post of yours about the burning in your outer, lower leg. I have EXACTLY what you examined and I have been searching for answers. Just wondering if this ever resolved for you or if you ever got any diagnosis as to what was causing it. I can't seem to.



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