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running life post grad !!

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im still running , i did 3 x 30 min runs last week and on friday i couldnt wait for the 30 mins to be finished , i know i can do less if i want to but am kinda anal about things so like to get things just so !!!

today i got on treadmill to do a 30 minute run , the first 12 mins were agonising felt like i had gremlins wrapped round my calfs squeezing them , so i mentally checked off how each bit of my body felt and decided i was carrying on as i had no limbs hanging off ! seemed to outrun the calf monsters at 13 mins in and thouroughly enjoyed my run , got to 24 mins and my "jam " came on , a tunnnnnnnne call Breathtaking , its very rave musicy and it really gets me pumped , i so needed it right then but to my surprised i kept running even after that song had finished , in the end i ran 40 minutes and i HAD to stop myself because i didnt want to cause any injuries as i know that you are only supposed to move up a few minutes at a time , but i was SMASHING it and felt bl@@dy amazing and i didnt want to stop , im sure i had another 30 mins in me ive NEVER felt so powerful , lungs working heart pumping legs moving everything just felt right , no im not showing off , im just so so proud of myself i could cry , im middle aged , larger than i should be , unfit , etc etc and i did it every run has been hard , every run has been a struggle in the first 10 mins but please stick with it cos suddnly it happens and you know why you are doing it , sorry for waffling , im just stupid proud and teary

probs have a right mare on wednesdays run !!!!

happy running everyone :D

17 Replies
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Wow, thats brilliant Secksy. I felt emotional reading that..😄

You go girl... (but you're right about being careful not to overdo it - it can lead to the IC..

Rest up before you go again. Great run😊x

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secksy34Graduate in reply to Bluebirdrunner

thanks Bluebirdrunner hope your doing ok x

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BluebirdrunnerGraduate in reply to secksy34

Yes, back to 3x a week too. I know exactly what you mean about not running less than the 30 mins... you do it because you can!😄

Keep enjoying your running.. you are doing great. x

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Brilliant secksy34 as I approach my last couple of runs (time off for injury) I am really keen to look at how people have fared and what they did after graduation.

I think when we start we sort of think that once we can do 30 minute runs that its job accomplished and every run from there on will just be a breeze. Good to see you have kept up to 3x30mins per week though.

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secksy34Graduate in reply to Whatsapp

certainly not a breeze lol , but i really enjoyed todays run , i will tale each as it comes good or bad x best of luck in your run up to graduation :D

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I'm just heading out for W11 R1 (my own system!!) planning 31 minutes today, so will take inspiration from you :) :)

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secksy34Graduate in reply to helenwheels

have a goodun helenwheels xxxxps i think mine was w 11 r1 too :P

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helenwheels in reply to secksy34

well that's done. Not quite as joyous as yours - but I did it!

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to helenwheels

Whoa.. go you.. slow, steady and go for it :)

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helenwheels in reply to Oldfloss

sore feet (arches) today- what's that about. Never happened before. I walked about 10k yesterday up and down moorland (and chased by cows!) so wondering if I just over did it a bit....

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to helenwheels

Cows chasing you..not good.. even though they may just be inquisitive they are a bit scary!

I had an incident with a cow once... milking her and she decided to put her foot on mine and lean!!

You maybe did over do it a tad.. were you wearing different shoes... or..the Moorlands.. uneven ground and tussocks pressing into the bottom of your foot maybe?

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helenwheels in reply to Oldfloss

Thanks Floss. I had to put my shoes through the washing machine (cow poo incident), do you think that would have done something to them. I'm just putting it down as a bad day :)

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Be proud, have a little cry and then you get out there and go again girl!

A brilliant post.., but keep it slow and steady... nothing to prove, but everything to gain, because... you are one heck of a runner :)

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secksy34Graduate in reply to Oldfloss

Oldfloss weirdly I had the urge to wear purple and star jump this morning lol .. Neither of those things happened though xx 😉

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to secksy34

It comes, it comes :) xx

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I'm the same with swimming, first 20lengths I hate it then quite enjoy the next 10 or 20! Such is life!

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What a inspiration you are! I'm only on week 4 but I'm fed up cos I have to stop for a few days as I have sprained my ligaments in my knee☹️Worried that when I go back to it I am not going to be able to do it ...

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