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serious calf pain has stopped running :0(

Weeks 1 & 2 were fine, a little heel pain as i ran / jogged to start with, went through that. Started to actually look forward to the runs, had finally found something i could do and enjoy! Then came week 3 and the calf pain began, first in my left calf then on another run my right calf. Literally felt like my calf had turned to stone, all clenched up, could barely walk let alone run. I was then in discomfort with this for anything up to 3 days after, so rested off. Got to R1 W4 and the pain returned.

What can i do to stop this? I am stretching before the run, would this gait thing and better trainers help?

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Yes it could well help. Although my calf pain came after - about 3 weeks later. Drinks loads of water throughout the day, take an anti-inflamatory when you get back and elevate it straight away, with ice. I tended to elevate and ice when I was eating breakfast lunch and supper. When you have your post run shower, direct the shower head on cold over the calf for half a minute or so. My new purchase is a compression sleeve for my calf.

My calf is so much better now so it may be just a matter of time for you! :)


Oops, I meant to say my calf pain came at W5 Or 6 :)


thanks holly0. i did the ice thing, and yes that did help ease. it is just so annoying, you get all worked up for the run, and it takes alot for me to get out that door, you do the 5 mins brisk walk start into the run and arrgghhhh! was nearly in tears once hobblin' home again, really want to get going again, will probably start from W2 again once i invest in better trainers.


I had this a couple of times, not as lasting as yours I must admit, but when it happened it was so bad I couldn't put my foot on the floor! solution for me was slow down and yes, properly fitted trainers, non of this footprint gait analysis malarkey, a proper one on a treadmill videoing your foot movement, and revideoing with correct trainers, hope you find your solution :)


Cherry....before you get much further, you should have your gait analyzed and get GOOD trainers.

Here is a link to some information about achilles tendon pain...

Don't forget to stretch again after you run....


thank you Grammadog, will check out the link.


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