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I'm Back

So, I haven't run for about 6 weeks. I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and need to listen to my body when it says I am doing too much. So I had to miss a couple of runs. Then I went on holiday. Like a good girl I took my running bra. I wore my running shoes on the plane and intended to run on holiday. We arrived on the Wednesday lunch time. We had a couple of days rest and by Friday mid morning I felt like running again. I thought I would run first thing in the morning. There was a lovely beach so I thought I would do my warm up walk to the beach and run along it. Unfortunately we were in Tunisia and that Friday afternoon a Tunisian guy had other ideas. Although we were not in Sousse we were about 1 hour away and all of a sudden I didn't feel safe running along the beach. As the Police & Army moved into town I felt like running was not the best idea. So another 2 weeks without running :( . Since we returned from holiday (we did stay for our full two weeks and came home on the Wednesday and then the Government decided to bring everyone home the next day) we have been really busy, moving our daughter back from Uni, long hours in work and decorating. Anyway I went out on Monday evening. I nearly put it off again as it was raining but I carried on and felt great. The intention was to do a slow 10 min run, 3 min walk, 10 min run as in week 6 and see if I could achieve this.

Well I did it and even run the 3 minute walk bit and 2 minutes at the end. 25 minutes and 3.7k. I even got a couple of 2 best times on my route so not such a shabby run after all.

And the moral of this story is your fitness doesn't fade as quickly as it builds :).

Happy Running everyone

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Hi Stef, nice to see you back :)

Amazing how the body remembers even after 6 weeks :) - well done for a full run!

Take care and happy running x :)


thanks. I was amazed. I know I could not have done that in January when I started this running thing :)


well done..

a on the running..

b on getting a full two weeks holiday !!


thanks. Not many people did get the full 2 weeks in Tunisia so we counted ourselves lucky on so many levels while we were there :)

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still at least not TOO many Zombies in Tunisia to jump on your back!! ( or is that in bad taste? not meant to be....)


I would rather meet the Zombie anytime :)


Jeez, I think that has to be one of the best excuses for not running I have yet heard.

It did cross my mind when it happened though that whilst we may think we've outgrown evolution and don't need to run to get away from predators or to hunt, there are still times when it might be a matter of life and death.

Time for my run... for the joy of being alive and able to run.


Glad you are getting back into it Stef. Sorry about your experience in Tunisia - brings it home a bit doesn't it.


I did feel a bit like Kate Aidie though :)


Welcome back. Glad you're safe. :)

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