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Laura called me a runner today.. No one has ever done that before :)

Just completed W6R3 this morning and am very proud of myself as I've found this to be the hardest week of the programme so far. I even managed to speed up a little too for the last minute as Laura suggested. Was knackered afterwards though and at least the first half of my "brief" walk at the end wasn't particularly brief, but hopefully that won't be the case by the end of W7. Bring it on!

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Well done. It was a toughy, wasn't it? :-) Enjoy a good rest before you set outon week 7 (more of the same).

Happy Easter 8-)


It's a great moment isn't it?! It really makes you start believing in yourself :) Well done on getting through week 6 and enjoy your next run.



Yes you should be proud of yourself, 25 minutes is tough.

Best of luck for week 7. :-)


Thanks all for your kind comments, hopefully W7 will be a breeze :) Happy Easter!


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