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No Laura today

I decided to start Wk2 today not realising I neded to unlock it. So I tried to sign in but had no signal and the app froze.

Two weeks ago that would have been the perfect excuse to go home - especially as it was raining. But I just put music on and did it anyway.

I just ran for as long as I could and walked til I got my breath back. The runs felt longer and the walks shorter. And I got further along the towpath than I usually do in the same time.

My 5 minutes cool down was more of a stroll though!

I definitely feel ready for week 2 on Monday and, as I've come home soaked today, I think it'll have to be pretty bad weather to stop me.

The other thing I noticed today was that I didn't care about other people! For the past couple of weeks if the towpath has been really busy I've ran around the neighbouring field instead - embarrassed really of being a larger lady in her yoga pants and hoodie spluttering along. Today, still clad in yoga pants and hoodie (I tried some running gear on yesterday and felt too much like an elephant squished into a sausage skin) I didn't care - I felt like a runner! And two "proper" runners acknowledged me as they passed!

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If it is the app , try the podcasts on the NHS C25K page -i think there is a thread here for them if you search - if not heres is the link -

the app does seem to have problems sometimes freezing etc ...

well done for getting out there and in public too , we all felt self consicous when we started and worried about what other ppes would think if we were seen , dont worry you soon forget about that :D keep at it you doing great


You ARE a runner, good for you for getting out there. It's something we've noticed on here, that running gear often only comes in small sizes, we should complain! Stick with the programme, as Rob says try the podcasts they are brilliant... Laura will look after you.. keep us posted xx


Fabletics do a running outfit in big sizes for £20.00, when I've graduated I'm going to treat myself x


I'll have a look at them, thanks.


Well done for staying out and getting on with it - I bet when you get the app working (or use the podcasts - I do and they are great) you'll be surprised how long you were running for. I've given up worrying what I look like - it is actually so unimportant - what people see is someone who has got up and out and who is trying to do the best they can and a darn sight more than most. Well done!

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Thanks everyone.

I will download the podcasts so I've got them as back up. I've signed in now and unlocked the app so shoukd be ok.

Am having a trip into town tomorrow to look for a jacket to run in. At the moment I run in the afternoon on the canal towpath near work but it can get busy if the weather is good. I fancy running the streets in the dark but at the moment everything I wear is black. So I'm on a mission to find a top I can wear instead of my thin hoodie that either has colour or reflectors on and that actually fits me!


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