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W6 R3 - Done! Laura said I'm a runner!

So tonight was the end of week 6 and the start of no more intervals.

I was a bit nervous at running for 25 minutes but set off fine. I went at my normal pace but I think it was a bit fast and I had to slow it down after a while. I think the hardest part was when I got to 10 minutes and realised I still had 15 minutes left! I had the runkeeper app running on my phone but had forgotten to change the audio settings and got updates every 2 minutes which was a bit offputting and demotivating so will change that for next time.

It was very windy tonight and I really found the second half of the run hard but I did it! I really wanted to cry when I finished - especially when Laura said I was a runner :-)

I managed to cover 3.76km so I was pleased at that too. It must have been my nice new neon t-shirt (check out my pic). It's become a bit of a joke that all my running gear is neon and you can see me from a mile off!!!

So week 6 is over - still can't believe I've come this far. I keep looking at all the posts from people beginning the programme and am just amazed at how far we've all come.

I'm feeling the running love tonight - well done everyone :-) :-)

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Well done you keep going cos your a real runner now :)


Like the neon, well done on your fantastic achievement, you should feel very proud. Good luck with week 7. and yes run-keeper can be distracting when we forget to mute it. :-)


Well done you! Love the neon, just got some bargain neon things from sports direct so I too will look like a beacon of light tonight when I venture out to do week 6 run 3!! :)


Yes sports direct is my neon supplier too!


Yay - Laura says you are a runner! (We knew that anyway :) )


Yay congrats I completed my w6r3 tonight and yep we are runner's though I still.feel like a jogger despite pumping out the last minute to a good pace


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