They called me a Runner 😃

Well I just did W7R3 and it was the hardest one yet. I have learned that drinking 3 espressos before a run doesn't really count as hydrating, I'm blaming that for the dizzy staggering when I finished. The best bit was when I encountered some ramblers who moved over and shouted "heads up" to the rest of the 'ramble' (not sure of the collective term for a group of ramblers) that a Runner was coming through, they called lil' old me Runner! 👍. I even had enough puff to joke with them that they would probably catch me up! I am loving this journey and will miss it when I finish. Have a good weekend fellow Runners 🏃

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  • That's great! I have a similar sense of like 'me, a runner?!'. I keep bumping into another runner and he gives me a look that seems to say 'we have a common bond' and I feel like saying 'no I'm not a proper runner!' But I am only on Week 3.

    Keep it up!!!

  • Hey ! You are a runner! Anyone who gets out and does it is. I just find it hard to believe that I am one of them. So many years of wanting to dot it I don't think it's really sunk in yet . Keep on running!

  • Well done Bundoodle! Could you call them a Rumble of Ramblers?! Actually they are probably a Ramble of Ramblers :)

    of course you're a runner- and well deserve that heads-up! :)

  • I like the idea of a Rumble of Ramblers 😂 It sounds like a group of Ramblers who have been angered when the council have not maintained the path to their exacting standards🌾🌿🐲

  • Nice post!...I graduated last year and would still probably turn around to see where this afore-mentioned runner was, if it happened to me! But yep, we are all runners!🏃🏻🏃🏻

  • Aw, that is fab! (and I agree with Rainshine, I'd say a Rumble of Ramblers)

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