Speed! No, not that - Laura!

Expecting either Meatloaf or Billy Idol, it was a bit of a surprise to be greeted by Laura when I hit the button on my MP3 player this morning. I had finally managed to download the 3 extra podcasts onto my aged MP3 player from my equally aged laptop and vaguely thought I might have a go at some point in the future. However, due to my technological inadequacies, there she was saying, "Welcome to Speed". So it was fate, and I decided to have a go :)

It was a bit odd. It was lovely to hear Laura's measured tones again, and I was filled with a sense of reassurance that I could do this. After all, she got me through c25k, so I know I can trust her :) Until she started... Even the warm-up walk was faster than I normally walk :D The music (awful, awful synthesised stuff) starts you off at what she describes as a gentle pace of 150 beats per minute. I had absolutely no idea at what pace I normally run, but it turns out that this is a comfortable pace for me - except that I couldn't get my feet right. My stride must be the wrong length or something - anyway, I was hop, skip and jumping along, trying to fit in with her chanting 1-2-3-4, 1-2-3-4, 1-2-3-4 like a drill sargeant when suddenly she told me that we were going to do a 60-second interval at 165 bpm. And off she went again with the 1-2-3-4, 1-2-3-4, 1-2-3-4. The problem is, she talks over a lot of it and the music is quite quiet in the background, so I found it really hard to hear that through her talking and stick to the beat. Cue more hopping and skipping, and some giggling as well.

We started off with a 5 minute 'gentle' run to get us going, at 155 bpm, then there was a minute of 'fast' running at 165 bpm and then a minute of 'slow' running at 150 bpm. Repeat 5 more times, and we were done. I added on another 6 minutes to get me back to my start point, but I was knackered by then, especially as the hill on the way back turned into the North Face of the Eiger again.

So this is a shorter podcast, useful to know if I'm pushed for time. I'll definitely do it again, and hopefully it will be better next time because I'll have an idea of what she's trying to get me to do. I feel as though I've worked harder than I normally would, although I'm not sure how much residual tiredness remains from yesterday's swiss ball class :D (For those of you following my unwilling relationship with this class and the Mistress of Pain, yesterday she had us kneeling on the ball with our bums pointing towards the ceiling, supported by our hands on the floor and using our stomach muscles to roll backwards and forwards, up and down :( ) I have also downloaded Stamina and Stepping Stone, so I'll have a go at those at some point over the next couple of weeks.

Verdict: interesting...


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23 Replies

  • That swiss ball stuff sounds dangerous! :D

    I still haven't tried Speed etc, because of the 1234 bit... But feel I'm missing out by not having tried it! Maybe next week then.

  • Speed is definitely worth a go, Greenlegs. I'll let you know about the others, although I'm hoping that Endurance and Stepping Stone will be ... um... okay (I was going to write easier, but let's not tempt fate any more!).

    I only fell off the wretched ball when she wanted us to balance on it - kneeling on all fours. That's our homework. The sit-ups with our feet against the wall of the gym were easier than I expected, but boy, do my core muscles ache today!

  • I think that is possibly the funniest homework I've ever heard of!

    Hmm. Shall I go and try it? Then again, I don't want to get injured just before the challenge starts! I've just done an hour of beginners' yoga (thanks to the link from swanscot) and really enjoyed it. And my heart-rate for the relaxation went right down to 59/60, so I really was relaxed. :) I am loving playing with my heart-rate monitor! :D

  • The yoga sounds interesting, and yay for the resting heart rate!

    Why not try the Speed podcast? I assume you meant trying this, and not balancing on the ball? :D

  • maybe both! At the same time! (OK, red wine speaking!)

  • yay - have one for me!

  • Right. I just balanced! For about 1 second. Blimey, that's challenging! I did cheat and put it next to a wall so it couldn't escape! Hard work on the wrists - and I can see how it works the core muscles too, just from that brief experiment. :D (Only two glasses of wine, honest.)

  • You did??? I'm impressed! I could almost sort of manage it in the class, but I have a lot of work to do :(

  • I tried again too (I am very mad) and managed to balance for a whole minute. :O Imagine what my family made of that! Very good core workout I think. :)

  • Woohoo! Against the wall again, or in splendid isolation? The MoP won't let us use the wall :(

    You can see why my core muscles are sore from Thursday to Monday :D

  • Away from the wall - ta dah!

    Yup I do see what it does to the core. You will be sooooo strong. :) Eventually.

  • Does the mistress of pain have a whip too? ;-) Just think how strong your inner core muscles will be after you finish this class! I can imagine your shock when Laura surprised you! Sometimes its good to get out of our comfort zone and Annie, you have succeeded with that over the past few weeks! :-) Gayle

  • Believe me, Gayle, she doesn't need a whip! And the bad news is, there isn't an end to this class :O - it just goes on, weekly, into infinity!

    You're absolutely right, it's great to get out of your comfort zone occasionally. I'm pleased because I managed to do the speed podcast (well, more or less :D ) and I would never have attempted it even a couple of months ago. c25k rocks :)

  • I love the bit about giggling whilst trying to get the pacing right :-D. I was the same but was trying to do it on a treadmill so not only trying to sort my feet but also get the belt going at the right speed as well - my husband thought I'd gone mad - all he could hear was the beeping from the garage as I fiddled with it! It is short but it is hard work and good for weight loss apparently :)

  • Oh my goodness me - I can't work treadmill buttons at the best of times, when all I want is a regular, one-paced run! All credit to you for trying :D And good for weight loss as well? Even better :)

  • and just to add that I'll obviously never be a serious runner :D

  • I never used to like this sort of music until I started running. However, it is just as well I now do as my teenage son has started producing it, currently thinks that's what he wants to do with his life and is supposed to be writing some especially for me to run to at my selected BPM - how cool is that? I already run to some other music in which a friend and a wonderful teacher at my son's school sing so it really is like having people encourage me along, even though I choose to run by myself. Again it is music that I would not otherwise really have enjoyed listening to. An unexpected bonus!

  • Oh wow, having music written for you is amazing! I've only really run to the c25k and my own cheesy selection of 80s-type rock, but a friend runs to classical music and another runs to audio-books, so I guess there's all sorts I could try yet. Lucky you though to have stuff written for you at the right BPM :)

  • It defeated me, I tried it earlier and only managed half of it before I ran out energy! I will try again as I am not 100% today but it is definitely hard work. Maybe I need a mistress of pain to put it into perspective ;-)

  • I had the energy, just not the co-ordination! I hope you're feeling better soon, but believe me, you don't want a MoP :D

  • Ha ha! I know what you mean. Laura chats an awful lot over speed. But it is reassuring. I have been trying to fit one speed session in a week and I think it is making a difference.

    As to core strength, that's were I am lacking. Those ball things keep calling to me when I am in Costco. I think I will have to justify that purchase with health and well being and a huge dollop of hilarity!!! ;) sounds like great fun, but could be construed as a extreme sport?

    ;) Tricia x

  • I'll definitely try it again, Tricia, when hopefully I'll understand what she's after and be able to follow instructions!

    I would heartily recommend an exercise ball :D Even just sitting on it to watch tv or check email uses your core muscles, and if you look on youtube there are all sorts of instructional videos. I'm sure I recommended a rather nice young man's video the other day... :D

  • Ermm.... Yes checked him out already! ;)

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