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I'm a runner Laura has just told me so :D

Well, i cant believe it myself, ive just completed week 6 run 3.

Managed to start slower than slow and kept it going right to the end of 25 minutes.

Got to the seafront later than planned due to a bad day at work, and the breeze meant i was running towards the hill. Off i went thinking if i go slower i might not only run to the end but halfway through would be before the hill. No wrong again but Laura was being nice and said you have run for twelve and a half minutes, when i was half way up the hill, so without hesitation i turned around.

And somehow i kept going, when i finished i was 15 beach huts away from when i started a whole 25 minutes earlier, so somehow i managed to run even slower on the way back, but hey I dont care, cause its official i am a runner and im now on week 7 :D :)

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Beat you feel great! Congratulations - speed can come later. I'm making a geriatric tortoise look fast at the moment!


Felt great all day, even though my knees hurt


Well done!

Love the ability to measure distance by beach huts - lucky you.


Thank you, it is good to run along the seafront untl i get to that dreaded hill


Congratulations - I agree that speed is secondary to stamina. I'm still at 90 seconds and struggling, so very happy to hear of others who are now runners. It makes me believe that I can get there too.


Oh believe me you will, i was struggling at 90 secs a few weeks ago, when you start to struggle then thats the time to go slower, finishing is such a great feeling. keep going and you to will soon be blogging about a 25 min run and feeling great about it. :)


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