Laura says I'm a runner :)

Just did my first ever 25 min run and it was fab. Week 6 Run 3. Started slow and steady just to save some energy and sped right up at the end. Average pace 7.45 so I'm happy with that :)

Good preparation for the 5km on Sunday. I covered 4.3km.

My friend has a bit of sciatica so is resting so I was alone. Lovely sunshine but cold. Hardly saw a soul and when I finished I jumped up like a loon. Smiling like a giddy kipper all the way home. So very chuffed.

We are taking week 7 run 1 as our Santa Dash on Sunday.

Will let you know how we get on and how much we raise for our local hospice.

I'm excited but the weather is looking awful...hail,sleet and snow. Arghhhh :)

Barbara xx


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28 Replies

  • Massive congratulations!! Made me smile at the thought of your happiness right now. Well done again :-)

  • Thank you Pretty. The best high so far!! xx

  • Well done babs!

    A very good pace as well!

  • Thanks Meadsey. I was amazed I actually had some fuel in the tank to go quicker when Laura told me to!! xx

  • Hope your friend feels better soon.

    It's lovely to read how you're getting on and share in your achievement :-) week 7 already :-D

    Good luck for the fun run- hope the weather is kinder than the forecast predicts!

    Well done xxx

  • Thanks b2r I can't believe I'm onto week 7 already. Time flies :)

  • Feels great eh? The Santa dash sounds like a really fun thing to incorporate into the program. Hopefully the weather turns around, but if it doesn't I'm sure the excitement and buzz will keep you humming along.

  • Fingers crossed runswithdogs. Hope it's not as bad as it sounds but hopefully the excitement will help. And raising lots of pennies too :)

  • Great stuff Barbara ! That Santa Dash sounds like it will be a right laugh, oh and we might have snow as well , very festive !

    Youre going great guns, keep going and please let us know how Sunday goes . Good Luck ! :-) xxx

  • I know Poppy. I've been dreading putting this Santa stuff on as I get very warm but am thinking I may well be very grateful for the extra layer and the red hat :)

    On course to raise £500 so far :) xx

  • Aw that's great Barbara , Well done ! xxx

  • It's great when Laura tell you are runner!! You should be pleased with yourself - its a great achievement and now your on the home stretch!!

    Good luck with the santa dash on Sunday!! You will do fab and the atmosphere should more than make up for the weather !!

  • Thanks Vixchile. Hope yours goes really well even at 25 c :) think I'd rather have snow!! I'd pass out at 25. xx

  • thank you ! it should be a lot cooler by the time the sun sets so won't be bad plus during the day i won't get hot and when i walk to the start so its great news being 25degrees.

    Don't get me wrong i have been a huge baby about the heat and running recently.

  • Not at all. It's very hard going I'd imagine. Wishing you lots and lots of luck anyway xx

  • that's fantastic, I did today as well, my pace is improving I believe. so we are officially runners now :)

  • Well done Zeidan. Still in shock really 4 hours plus later! But still smiling :) x

  • Fantastic! Bet you'll still be smiling about it tomorrow too :D Good luck with your Santa Dash on Sunday and hope you manage to raise lots of dosh :)

  • Thanks hilbean. We are doing well so far. My friend and I are both running but she has some sciatica so is resting. She is very proud of me. But we both want to do well on Sunday so she made the right decision I think. Mind you I might feel the same tomorrow!! All I have to do tomorrow is walk the dogs so I can rest my legs mostly in front of the telly and stay on my couch :)

  • Enjoy your rest :) And hope your friend feels good to go on Sunday too. Sciatica can be awful :(

  • Do you know what us both having pain with my left calf and her with her back, has forced us into looking for good stretches online. And we now have a proper stretching regime...which can only be a good thing :)

  • Good for you! I wasn't too bad on the stretching but had to find some knee and ankle strengthening exercises. Makes so much difference doesn't it :)

  • super well done :D not sure what a giddy kipper looks or feels like lol it is a great feeling enjoy it you deserve it :D

  • Nor do I Rob but imagine a bit like me :) :)

    Thank you xx

  • Fabulous...well done you, thats a really amazing achievement....good luck for the santa dash :)

  • Thanks JJ. Funnily enough you came into my head whilst I was running. I was trying to imagine how the hell you video and run and speak without looking like a plonker!! :) Fab! Xx

  • Well done, it's a really good feeling when you finish that run. Good luck with your Santa run.

  • Thanks Jo. It certainly is. Still smiling this morning. Left calf is a bit sore but I'm off to walk the dogs so it'll loosen up soon :) xx

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