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Amazed by how this works

So when I started this I hadn't run since school, and that wasn't much.

I graduated my 5k a couple of weeks ago and was amazed that I had run for 1/2 and hour, I found which allows you to find and plan your own running routes.

I have kept up my running every other day, I miss Laura's commentary, but just listen to my iPod on shuffle these days, with carefully selected running tracks.

Yesterday I ran for a full hour! I am still shocked today !! It's a long way to come in a short time.

I have the great midlands fun run booked for 2nd of June, and I am hopefull that I will be able to run the whole route :) 8.5 miles

Details from yesterday

60 minutes 8.5km/5.3miles 8.5kmh/5.3mph 734 calories total Cal 16451 total distance 170miles

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well done technochoc. I'm currently in week 7 of the c25k plan. I must admit I don't stick to every other day but do at least 2 runs a week, so it's taking me slightly longer. Well done for carrying on after the programme. I too have just found and find it very useful.


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