Amazed... Wk5d2 complete

I can't believe it - I am 46 terribly overweight with countless aches and pains - and here I am! Day by day, week by week I have gone on and believed in Laura and believed that I could. It's just incredible. I'm not fast but I am running, out of breath and exhausted but so exhilarated too. She said I would be able to do this and I am doing it! Almost terrified over my first 20min contusions run....

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  • Wow congratulations. I shall be starting tomorrow very nervous !!

  • You will be fine - just listen carefully to Laura and if you struggle, simply slow down a little but don't stop! Keep going and follow Laura until the end of the podcast! Good luck!

  • Thank you. Right now my brain is considering all the barriers...

  • It's like the Nike ad.... Just Do It

    You'll be amazed at your capability!

  • Well done, it's so addictive! Lol. I worried about about the 20 minutes but when I done was so proud of myself. Good luck, you'll be fine xx

  • Just keep plodding. I thought to myself when I wanted to stop, "if I stop now, I will have to do this again" and also I wanted to tell everyone on the Forum I have done it not I had to stop. If my calf muscles ached, I just told myself a bit of pain won't kill you, just a bit longer. Basically I bullied myself to do it. Now I enjoy running so much more, it is more comfortable in my legs and breathing is fine, so breaking through week 5 is a doorway to stronger running, do ur best

  • "Exhilarating" yes that's about right. Well done. The last few weeks are daunting but if you've followed the programme they're do-able!! And its a great feeling of accomplishment at the end. All the best.

  • That is fantastic you are so ready for this. Just believe you can do it and you will. All those previous runs were building your stamina and reserves. I found blowing out a few breathes when I started to feel tired helped. Good luck and tell us how you did it... you are amazing.

  • Go for it! Everyone gets a bit worried about the first 20min run but trust in the programme, you will be able to do it and you'll be chuffed to bits afterwards!

  • Well done you! You're inspiring me & many others who are at the wk 1 stage so keep going & thank you!!!๐Ÿ‘

  • It's great, isn't it? I'd be upset now if I had to miss a run. Hard to imagine that when I started though!

  • Well doneโ˜บ keep plugging away, slow but sure. Slow running will get you safely to Graduation

    Have fun ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Fantastic, you are doing so well! You need a slow pace to get the run time - there is no medal for doing it fast, I didn't because by week 5, it was a really tough challenge and being slow increases your ability to run longer - sounds like u have a perfect plan to see u graduate. I also needed to rest between runs, my legs needed it. I graduated 14 weeks ago now and I can run well, my legs feel much stronger and even my speed is good now - so keep going the way you are, excited for you. Julie ๐Ÿ˜€

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