How C25K helps you avoid the couch

Working in London today, early start, long day, commuting - not fun. Get home, cook tea for the family, grumbling as I wanted to run today. Eat tea watch an hour of TV.

Oh no I'm on the couch!

Running gear on, off to the treadmill. Tunes on. Walk for 5 mins, run at 6mph for 5 mins, walk for 1 min, run at 7 mph for 5 mins, walk for 1 min, run at 7.5 mph for 5 mins, walk for 1 min, run at 6.5 mph for 6 minutes, run at 7mph for 1 min, walk for 5 mins then continue warm down for 3 mins.

Total distance covered 3.4miles, time off the couch 38 minutes.

So having started in April, graduated in June I am now conditioned to fit in my 3 runs a week. Hope this helps all those running with Laura. It is definitely worth it from my point of view

Happy running!


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  • Well done for making the effort. Bet you feel better now ?

  • Sure did

  • Good stuff GF... doesn't take much to fit in a few runs and avoid the couch... but it takes dedication to DO IT! Well done! And for those of you on the couch reading this... you could be running and reading this after your run.. :)

  • That is dedication ! Well done for getting up and doing, sometimes the force of the couch can suck you in but you resisted that force!

  • Thanks Vixchile

  • Thanks for this glimpse behind the curtain GF. As I edge nearer to completing C25K I am starting to wonder what is in store for me when that day comes. Your post is very helpful in showing an option - especially now the dark nights are coming. Thanks again!

  • Glad to be of help Cap'n

  • You are so right. When I am feeling less inspired just moving for half an hour at whatever speed I can do there and then is so much better than couching. Though I would be v. pleased if I could sustain 7.5 mph for longer than it takes to press the button and realise it was a horrible mistake after a couple of mins!

  • I also knew it's a horrible mistake but sometimes you just have to try it ;-)

  • Yeah I find this too, by the time Ive ummed and aahhed and gone through loadsa faffidge I could've been out there and back again. Well done ! GF 1 - Couch 0 :-) xxx

  • Thanks PP feel so much better today for my win over the couch

  • Ah, faffidge. A much neglected word in the lexicon of us prevaricators. Thanks for giving it an outing PP :-).

  • Ha ha no problem Pugwash, anytime . I thought an outing of it was long overdue :-) xxx

  • OH dear!! now I feel very lazy - I have slipped back to the couch on more than one occasion since completing my charity 5k and not having anything to work towards coming up - I have parkrun but that's a 2 hour round trip so not for every weekend. I am off today so no excuse whatsoever - thanks GF for the nudge.

  • Glad to be of service have a great run it's nice out there

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