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Yesterday I posted about it being far too hot to go running. I couldn't get my sh** together enough to get out the front door and was floundering on the couch, watching the golf. It got me thinking. I started this COuch to 5K program because it was a running program designed to get people off the couch and running. Note the phrase " the couch".

And what was I doing? Potato'ing on my couch that's what! I started to feel a bit guilty....then more guilty...then decided that actually, it wasn't as hot yesterday evening in South West London as it had been the night before. "So, get your gear on Dan and go for it!" I said to myself.

And I did!

I'd had pasta for lunch and a peanut butter mini sandwich a couple of hours after that so I was well fuelled. The weather wasn't as soporific as it had been, there was a slight fresh breeze blowing and the light was eerily pinkinsh. I headed out the door - didn't even do any pre run exercises and off I went. Warm up walk done, I thought I'd do a 5K. Half an hour'ish of exercise which would do me good.

I ran along my usual river route but decided halfway into the run that I'd run all the way to Twickenham and back making a total of 7K. I went slowly, not pushing too much and everything was nice and comfortable. Suffice to say, it was one of the nicest runs I've done in a while. Got home in 42 minutes so not bad.

Thank you to all of YOU who replied to my "it's too hot" post. Somehow your responses made me think and thank goodness it did - cos it got me out the door!

Until the next one...


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Well done Dan, sounds like a good one :)

I am really impressed with all of you running in the heat - I was moaning about it being too hot to run up here the other morning and that was when it was 19 degrees!


Good un dan !


Oh Dan, good for you! I'm just getting back into running after a miserable enforced running abstinence and am having to do C25K all over again (curses!!!!) and am considering 'to trot or not to trot?' today. You've made me decide that as soon as my lunch has gone down I shall go. (I wish it would rain, though!!!)


Good for you. I know it is HOT but I also think that come winter I will be wishfully thinking about this beautiful summer and all the gorgeous runs in short sleeves etc


Well done, Dan :) I'm due to run tonight (endurance run) and looking to build my distance and plan on running 7K but I'm having a few doubts as it's still hot out there!


I missed your previous post, Mr Dan, but glad to hear you managed to get out. :-) Yes, it is bloody hot at the moment and not easy to run in at all.


We knew it would winkle you off the settee. We're crafty like that. If we can why can't you Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan (in a really whiny voice)

You fell for it! Good for you Dan. You burned some calories and enjoyed some good scenery. Better than watching kerapp on telly any day

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Sounds fab. Good on ya for getting out there. Sometimes the impromptu runs are the best :)


I'm in a 'too hot' phase too Dan, am starting to feel guilty...............


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