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Good Friday - Bad Run (W6 R1)

Well I set off tonight thinking I've done the 20 minute run, how hard can a 5, 8 & 5 minute run be?

Boy I was wrong. It got off to a bad start when I couldn't get the podcast to play so had to use the timer on my phone. This really knocked me as a) I had to keep faffing with the phone changing all the times and b) I really missed Laura's encouragement and advice.

I managed all 3 of the runs but I really didn't enjoy it all and was just waiting for it to be over. When I'd finished my cool down I was really fed up and had to force myself to do stretches as I really didn't want to do them.

When I walked in my husband thought I'd not managed the run as normally I skip in on a high and blab away at how great it was - tonight I just sat on the sofa completely dejected.

After about half an hour I realised that I'd not had any lunch today and did myself 2 hot cross buns (it is Easter!). I'm wondering if lack of food might have made me a bit bleurgh? Also I was warm whilst running but once I got in, I really felt like the cold had got into my bones and couldn't warm up (still have blanket on now).

I know I should be grateful that I completed the run but after the high of the 20 minute run, this was a real letdown

Oh well, chalk it up to experience and carry on I guess.

Happy Easte fellow runners :-)

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Kel, week 6 can be rough for included! It was one of my worse weeks. Thankfully, just a few more runs and you will be done with intervals. It probably would of helped if you would of had some decent nutrition in you too...oh well, chalk it up as over and prepare for run #2!! :-) Onwards and upwards! You did it!!! :-) Have a blessed Easter! Gayle


Well done on completing it. :-) I know it does feel a bit like a kick in the teeth after the high of the 20 minute run. And I found it quite hard too. But just concentrate on the fact that you did even without Laura's encouragement.

Good luck on the next run. :-)


Put it behind you. These things happen.

Get yourself warmed up quick... a nice warm hug from your guy, a hot toddy or whatever turns you on.

Look forward to hearing about your next run. :-)


Well done for doing a horrible run. Lack of food probably had a lot to do with it - but you'll know next time. :) If you read some of the older w6r1 runs, you'll find an awful lot of people find it harder than w5r3, for all sorts of possible reasons, so you're not alone.

Things will get better! :)


No, don't worry, just write it off as a bad run and focus on the next one. We've all been there :) I think you're right about the lack of food so the run isn't anything to worry about. Hope you got warmed up again!


This was my worst week too! I really struggled to complete this and wondered if I should repeat the week before moving on.I had lots of advice and decided to carry on as everyone said this was a tough week.I am now due to do W9 R2 ,stick with the plan, it really works :)


Well done, you completed the entire run after all, isn't it? Not having a complete lunch could be one of the reasons. I found that eating a snack just a few mins before the run doesn't help either. I struggled after snacking on something before a run in Week 4 once.

Also when I read the blogs of W6R2, most people said that they found it tougher than the 20 mins. So you are not alone. I also did my W6R1 yesterday, boy, it was not easy! I am doing by W6 R2 tomorrow.


Thanks everyone. Sounds like W6 is a tough one for everyone. I'm running again tomorrow but am not going to think about it until I'm actually out there. Less intervals this time so hoping that helps.

Hope everyone is having a nice Easter - have fallen off the wagon diet-wise and eaten too much chocolate!


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