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Bad run or was it?

Made the mistake of walking the dog this morning 6 miles and it was really humid. Should have gone for a run instead but I thought I'd do that this afternoon. B210K week 1 for the 3rd time was my weapon of torture. Set off probably a bit quick 6.5 mph for the first 10 mins, walked a minute then kept a similar pace for the next 10 mins. Not too bad had covered 2.5 miles including the 5 min warm up walk. Set off on the 3rd 10 mins run. (Excuses now) It was really hot, I'd already walked 6 miles in the morning, the gremlins got the better of me I made it but had to slow down. Walked for a minute but hadn't recovered so walked for another 2 mins. Tried to run, lasted 2 mins then had to walk and so it went on. So the final 10 mins took me 14 mins but I did manage to speed up to 7mph for the last 2 mins proving there is always something left. Then I did a shorter warm down and checked my distance - 5 miles.

The stats showed I covered 5 miles in the baking heat in 53.5 mins. I didn't manage the final 10 mins running but at least I did run walk and it probably came close. I actually covered the same distance as my previous week 1 run but in a quicker time.

Have to decide whether I rerun week 1 or move to week 2 or go back to the C25K+ runs for next week but at least I managed to go running 3 times this week.

Happy Running all

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Take care in the heat!! I'd just go steady. You don't want to overdo things

I walk the dog for miles then realise it's a running day and you find the walk has taken its toll on you


Probably did overdo it but it is so addictive. Need to try and rejig my running days


I think you did really well considering the heat and the fact you had already walked 6 miles! Don't be too hard on yourself. You've done brilliantly and as you say, you're out there running 3 times a week. Awesome!


Thanks IP


Your dog loves you - have you ever tried running with him or her? I have a labradoodle who I take running sometimes but he does do random stopping so it works better for the long slow run training where you're not as focused on time.


Hi Willica yes I have run with him a couple of times and he has also found me when I've gone running and my wife has taken him for a walk which is pretty clever. Recognise the random stops but he also goes off piste if he smells a deer, rabbit, squirrel, and his favourite pheasants ;-)


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