W6 R1 done :-)

Hi everyone!

Phew, after the dreaded 20 minute run of W5, I had to take two days before the first run of W6 but did it tonight and it was actually fine! So was the 20 minute run of three days ago :-) I mean, it was tough and my legs were really really tired AND the next day my left thigh really hurt so I left an extra day in between, but overall... GREAT!! I am totally amazed that after starting five weeks ago my body can now do this! Yes, I'm shattered afterwards etc etc but that's a good kind of shattered and I love it. Also, lost about 10 pounds of weight since I started, YEAHHHHH!!!!!! :-)

x Johanna

PS Took the advice about stretching after the run and it does help greatly, thank you all!

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  • Well done you and fab news on the weight loss. Happy running.......and post run stretches!

  • Yay! It's so good when you get to this point in the programme and you know it's working. Congratulations on the weight loss.

  • Congrats on getting so far, and also for being sensible and listening to your body and taking the rest you need. Oh, more congrats on your weight loss to!

  • Woah. What great results... and more than half way through the program.

    I too was very tired at that stage, but fast forward three months and I have now more energy than since I was a teenager! The time you spend resting now you will more than make up for it in a few weeks! Happy running...

  • Wow, congratulations! I have the daunting thought of week 5 approaching and at this point trying to think positively about it all. Great news on the weight loss too!

  • Thank you everyone for the encouragement! :-) I really feel like I'm not alone in this which is great! xx

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