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W5R3: done! Think I found the elusive 'zone' at last!

Sun shining. Temps about 4. Brain in overdrive anticipating today's run. Ventured out - still have thermals under running gear cos I have it in my head that warm body/legs equals happy body/legs! Decided to take bull by the horns and start out with walking up long sluggish hill to see how far up it I could get before Laura told me to run .... made it to within about 100 metres of the summit. So, with the slowest jog I could muster, I set off uphill and then the joy of the downhill (with slightly increased pace) towards the residential roads where I could settle into those required 20 mins for today.

And then I realised I had entered the 'zone' or at least what I had always imagined it to be? I was jogging/running (when does one become the other?) completely mindless of my breathing, not thinking how my feet landed, not really hearing the music, nor for that matter anything else around me ... I was just enjoying the gentle plodding of my pace, covering the metres of grey pavements and sort of being at one with the universe. For the first time I was believing that running can be fun and even, sort of, meditative! :)

I have never in my life run for 20 minutes non stop .... even when I did senior school athletics 50 years ago I was a hurdler and long jumper - couldn't manage more than the little runs between the jumps over about a 100 yards! In those days we didn't know what regular training was!

Oh, happy day and happy Easter everyone. I know I've still got 4 of Laura's weeks to do (I may take longer), but I am more convinced than ever that I'm gonna complete this. Lots of love and luck to all you weekend runners, and thanks for keeping me going and helping me discover the real joy possible from running. :D Linda X

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Wow! A massive congratulations to you. Wish my run 3 of week 5 had felt as good as yours. I reckon your a runner now. Best of luck for remaining weeks.


Thanks....daft thing is, it all just happened! You'll find it too .... probably like me - without even looking for it! LOL X


Brilliant Linda! It really is a great feeling when you get into that zone and just really enjoy the run! :) Yes you will complete this, believe it, and this is the run that convinces us!!

Happy Easter!

Sue x


What an achievement on this W5R3 run, you will come to realise like a lot of us that these are the runs to treasure when the zone comes easily. Sometimes it takes a while to get to that place. Enjoy and see you at week 9. :D


What a lovely Easter present for you - a dream run - and for 'that' run too.

Great blog, Linda. Happy Easter - enjoy an egg or two in celebration! :)


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