W9/R1 What a glorious morning for a run!🌞 - Couch to 5K

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W9/R1 What a glorious morning for a run!🌞

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I'm not a morning person, in fact I actually do most of my running at night, but that was such a nice run. Maybe I need to change my nocturnal ways, I'm seriously missing out.

I don't really give a πŸ’πŸ’ about pace or distance at the moment, I'm just enjoying the runs, listening to my body, trying to smile and say hello to people when I'm running, enjoying the sunshine.. When Michael said stop, I stopped, looked at my watch and I was at 4.9km... 100 metres from 5k.. And I just smiled. I don't think I've EVER been more content with my running as I am now, feels like a sort of running maturity. I'm just incredibly grateful to be out there running again. Happy running everyone.

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Well done you and great that you enjoyed your run in the lovely weather 😊🌞

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Thanks again buddy. It really is beautiful out there today.


Lucky you - I'm on a treadmill, mostly because I'm a single parent and I have pollen allergies, so with a treadmill I am always available and not breathing in stuff that will give me asthma :D

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I've got running buddies who love the treadmill, they want it flat, and they like it because you can control the speed and really concentrate on technique. Good luck with your running.


That’s brilliant ! Go you ! Looking forward to your graduation post very soon x

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Thanks Butter... Yeah, you'll get a photo of my drink in a pub on the canal. Already got it planned 😁

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Nothing like a specific goal to get you there, is there ? I recommend β€œIce Cold in Alex” as ideal preparatory viewing πŸ˜„

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πŸ˜‚ I love that... "Worth waiting for"


Lovely post! Glad you have that feeling of contentment in your last week. With this attitude you're just going to take graduation in your stride - enjoy ☺️.

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Thanks Delly.


Only 2 more runs left mate and you will have done it. Wow how fast have the weeks gone.

Well done. Enjoy the sunshine

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It's unbelievable. I didn't actually think i'd enjoy as much as I have. I'm recommending it to everyone now. Few family members are doing it.


That’s so wonderful - and that’s such a great time! So very close now!!

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Thanks disco! Yeah, I can't believe how fast it's gone. Feels like only yesterday I was struggling to run a minute. Unbelievable.


Well done, great start to Week 9! And wow, nearly at 5km in the 30 minutes - I'm a teeny bit jealous! (But I'll stick to being a snail for now...)

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You're doing fantastic! I used to be obsessed with time, to the point where I was genuinely upset if i had a bad run. I'm not getting like that again. An illness put me out of running for 2 years and it really is just amazing to be out there again. Didn't realise how much I missed it.


Fantastic! You're going great guns. I'm hoping to get to (and beyond) the 30-minute 5k... doing that in your first 9 weeks is great going!

However, even better that you're just getting out there and enjoying your running. And smiling at other runners... I definitely appreciate a nod or a thumbs up, especially from those like you who are faster than me. :)

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Pianism, I've read what you've done and it's absolutely astounding, if you ran past me my friend, I would stop and salute you. πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘πŸ‘

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I think it'd be you running past me! :) But thank you for your kind words.

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