The dreaded W5R3 done!

I did it! I ran for 20 mins!!

Woke up at my usual early hour feeling the start of the cold that started yesterday niggling away. Muzzy headed I had my usual wake up coffee took an Ibuprofen and went back to bed! Woke up an hour later feeling fine but ravenously hungry :o Can't eat before running in the morning as even the smallest amount makes me feel sick so another coffee and off I trotted.

Wow! The first music sets a fast pace and other than helping me up the hill at the start of the run I had to adjust to my own pace and what a fantastic first 10 mins. Got to my halfway point and there was Laura saying 10 mins done and whoomf! those little gremlins came out to play. Remembering all those little pearls of wisdom offered up on this forum I asked myself 'Are you out of breath?' 'NO', 'Do your legs hurt?' 'NO'. Then my mind is a liar! Phew! But the gremlins hadn't quite finished with me as I skidded on an icy patch on the pavement! Grrr! Slowed the pace, still trying to shake off those gremlins. Then Laura said I'd done 15 mins! OMG!!! And there I was upping my pace KNOWING that I CAN do this :) Flippin' fantastic!

So yes, I CAN run for 20 mins :) :) :)


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26 Replies

  • Well done you!!!! :-D that is amazing, I bet you'll be grinning from ear to ear!

    Glad you overcame your gremlins and even felt you could speed up towards the end- fantastic! :-) :-)

  • Funnily enough I don't think the truth of it really sunk in until I got home and even now it seems a little surreal but I suddenly find myself grinning and feeling chuffed to bits :D

    By the way, thanks for the 'your mind is a liar' quote, that helped enormously! ;)

  • That's good, I'm glad it helped :-)

    No wonder you burst into smiles, it is amazing and in such a short amount of time it is massive progress :-) I love that about this programme.

    My westie and I will have to come to a pace that suits us both because it was pretty tough, I felt like I was dragging her around. Though saying that, my average time per km was about 1.5mins shorter than Sunday which was surprising. Think it might have been my frustration coming out in speed! Not that I was going fast, just a faster shuffle than normal :-P

    I'm going to persevere because she and I are both scaredy cats and will need to acclimatise, so fingers crossed today's W5R2 goes well even though I'm dreading it!

    Well done again on run 3 :-D it's inspiring to read how everyone is getting on :-) xxx

  • Aw bless her. And you! Hope it goes well for you today. Keep us posted x

  • Oh, how did you get on with your little westie? Did the run go well? x

  • Brilliant! Well done. You are really on your way now. Watch out for next week - people often find it a bit tricky after the high of w5 r3.

  • Thanks! Haven't even looked at that one yet, still buzzing from today, so thanks for the warning :)

  • More a mental challenge - you will be fine!

  • Congratulations!!!! The most important run of the programme in my book - you can do this now! Especially as you braved the ice within that run too, superb work! x

  • Thanks Marly. That little skid certainly woke me up lol!

  • Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Well done hilbean - and for kicking those gremlins to the kerb!! I can't wait to get there and do mine. 20 mins non-stop is such a huge step up from the other two week 5 runs but I'm definitely more excited than nervous about it since completing R1 yesterday :)

  • And you will! It's definitely more mental than physical though. Great feeling to know you can really do it though :D

  • Brilliant! Not long now till you get your badge xx

  • Woohoo! :D

  • Well done hun, them pesky gremlins eh, glad u beat them. Onto week 6 :)

  • Well I guess they had to rear their ugly heads at some point. Just so very grateful for all the good advice you get on here :)

  • Fantastic you did it! Well done for ignoring the gruesome gremlins. Bet you're still grining now?!

  • Certainly am! :D

  • This is why I love this community because posts like yours always put a smile on my face. Fantastic achievement. You'll be on a high all day!

  • It's a great community. Just love it. And don't think I would have got this far without it :)

  • That is such a pivotal run in the programme. I can remember being terrified and convinced myself I wouldn't make it. Blimey it was hard, but that feeling when you make! Its incredible...well done, you are a runner now :)

  • Thanks juicyju. I'm still pinching myself! :)

  • Hell yes !

    Well done Hill, that is a major milestone on the programme that you have just overcome, youre well on your way now Missus !

    Keep doing what youre doing and you will smash it

    Good Luck and Well done to you , fab feeling isn't it ? :-) xxx

  • Thanks! :) Still grinning this morning :)

  • So pleased for you, Hilbean! As I progress I realise more and more that the majority of the battle is in my head, not my legs! I wish I could always get into that zone where my legs keep going while my mind is elsewhere! Keep going, you're a cert to graduate, after all, I did so anyone can!

  • Thank you! Conquering those gremlins definitely seems to be where it's at. Though it does make me wonder why we do that to ourselves. Allow the gremlins to come out to play that is. I'm definitely much happier when they're safely tucked up in bed lol :D

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