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Week 9 day 2 - yeah! - with a caveat


So I managed it, but I think I might have overdone something in my legs. 

I deliberately went as slow as I could (3.68km as oppose to around 4.2km for the 30 minutes), but the bottom of my legs were really quite painful right from the start. I couldn't really 'glide', it felt like I was just plodding them down each time. It got better for the last 10 minutes, but even then I was running through the pain.

My wife (Physio) had a poke around and didn't find anything bad earlier today hence I thought I would do the run. The pain has gone off quite after the 5 minutes walk and other than being rather red and sort of tingling, they are fine now.

Any thoughts?

The good news is that the slower pace is _much_ more sustainable than the pace I was previously running. My wife called about 20 minutes into the call and sure, she could tell I was running but we managed to have an actual conversation (albeit with very short sentences :-)). Cardio wise, I felt I could have continued running for a whole lot longer.

I think a comfortable pace for now is probably a little bit more than today but not much more.

So, one more run to go and graduation! 

(P.S. sunglasses on for the picture my red legs! :-)).

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I'm not a doctor and wouldn't like to say too much - much more experienced runners may have more knowledge.  What I woudl say is when I run i go bright red but it is all over - face, hands, legs.  Your isolated redness does worry me little and maybe worth getting checked out.

Others may say it is all normal and not to worry - if so - go with them!!!

Your legs are expressing the pain and humiliation they feel being seen with the  weirdo toe shoes. Rule #5 applies.

OldflossAdministrator in reply to Rignold

..and the exposure of shorts!!!! :)

yatescoGraduate in reply to Rignold

I was waiting for that :-)...but what is rule #5?

Rignold in reply to yatesco

Ah. Those weird distant cousins of ours in the garish lycra on the overpriced velocipedes, have a set of rules for cycling. Most of them are, naturally cycle-specific, but several apply to all disciplines. #5 particularly.

Have a Google for Velominati Rules.

AnniemurphGraduate in reply to Rignold

I *love* the Velominati Rules.  I've never come across them before.  I know one of these people.  Thank you - I now have a deeper understanding.

yatescoGraduate in reply to Rignold

Ah OK - #5 - got it :-).


Where are your socks, young man? Tsk tsk. That's the best way to get blisters, catch bronchitis and get a different type of athlete's foot than the one you bargained for at the end of week 9 :) Mum-of-boys whinge over. I'd say that if you're still standing (yeah, yeah, yeah) and have no pain, and your physio wife says you're fine too, then you're ...fine. Sounds like slowing down was the right answer - I never answer the phone when I'm running. I'd probably choke on my own tongue, or bite it. 

OldflossAdministrator in reply to mfamilias

You made me giggle.. you sound like me... Mum voice! :)

mfamiliasGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

We can be the self-elected  nag-bag-hags of the forum, telling the boys to tuck the waistband of their undies into their shorts and stop slumping. 

OldflossAdministrator in reply to mfamilias

Tee hee... I have done a fair bit of Cross-Mum voiced commenting, since I joined the forum.. I came unstuck when I ignored my own advice and ran on an injured knee.. but at least i was dressed properly!!!! :)

mfamiliasGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Exactly. Always be irreproachably dressed incase you get found when you've gone A over T into the ditch... 

GoogleMeGraduate in reply to mfamilias

I was genuinely a little bit worried on my last run as I was wearing the big white knickers of last resort and did not wish to be seen dead wearing them. 

mfamiliasGraduate in reply to GoogleMe

'big white knickers of the last resort" - love it! I remember my mum telling me with a smirk that it was important to wear respekkable kecks just in case you ever ARE seen dead in them because you were talking too much to look both ways when you crossed the road.  Which brings us back to phoning when you run :) Poor Yatesco, his post had turned into a debate about underwear.

yatescoGraduate in reply to mfamilias

That's OK - I always thought my running was 'pants' anyway!

GoogleMeGraduate in reply to mfamilias

I've had some jolly serious conversations about my younger son whilst running... and going in and out of reception... 

mfamiliasGraduate in reply to GoogleMe

Rather you than me... Unless anyone is in a ditch with their big white knickers of the last resort on view, my family know that they're not allowed to interrupt :)

GoogleMeGraduate in reply to mfamilias

It is true that my family would avoid phoning if they knew I was running and attempt to get off immediately if they realise I am. This was school.


Ouch..now did you have red ankles before.. or was that someone else... ?

How cold was it whilst you were out..?  I read a link after a post about red legs and it mentioned... 

"Cold Urticaria.

Another type of rash you can develop during exercise is cold urticaria. The exact cause for these types of hives is unclear, but certain people with sensitive skin can develop cold urticaria when exposed to cold temperatures. This allergic reaction turns the skin red due to an increase in histamine that is released into the dermis because of cold air temperatures. Red, itchy hives begin to develop that generally last up to a half hour. Runners are perhaps most prone to developing cold urticaria when training in cold temperatures wearing shorts instead of long pants. If you experience any chills or swelling of your limbs, stop exercising immediately."

I do not know whether this fits... I think you are so brave in shorts anyway!!

I love slow, as you know.. so well done you :)


No idea about your legs, sorry, but I now know I've strained mine a bit through gardening. Have you been up to any other activity?! 

I think we all fluctuate with the idea of the pace thing.

It is easy to get sucked into stats and 'bettering' ourselves but I think as long as we run for the length of time, especially if through niggles, then it's more beneficial than being out the game altogether.

Keep it steady for the 'last' run, try and set your pace so you enjoy it too :)

Good luck :)


Thanks all!


Could it be exposure to UV Yatesco, like me you risked exposing you legs to the sun, first time for me but they did look very white!

yatescoGraduate in reply to Patrick1942

My wife always comments that I should warn people before I get them out in case I give them snow-blindness :-).


Wheres my sunglasses ? Ah thats better ! :-)

Yay, Well done Yatesy ! One more to go to that coveted badge .

Is your leg hurting and is that redness on one leg or both ? Its really strange but there was a lady who posted a pic of her legs last week with the same redness .

Good Luck for the biggie ! When are you planning it for ? xxx

That does look quite sore! I'm sorry you are experiencing that. My legs don't go red, but I do get quite a lot of discomfort around the achilles the next day, probably as I'm a beginner. I am pissed off right now, as I tripped over on a dog walk today and twisted something in my foot, which is swollen and painful now. I was supposed to be running tonight, but I'll wait to see of it goes down by morning.

That's strange. It is just round the bottom of your calves. No idea what is causing it , sorry but congratulations on w9r2!!!!!!!! Isn't it your birthday coming up?


Could it be your achilles? Your description of plodding rang a bell with me, when mine was bad it felt like I had a wooden leg, and it affected the other leg too, I really couldn't walk at all. My osteo checked it said it was fine. Is it hot to the touch? 've heard runners say that... take it easy until it gets better xx


As ever - thanks all. 

I woke up this morning and my legs are completely pain free - squats, stretching, flexing - all fine. #5 (albeit a little colourful in the language :-)) seems to be spot on.

I plan to do my graduation run tonight and intend to do it at the slower pace of yesterday. I do realise that means skipping the day of rest, but the way the weekend has panned out I wouldn't be able to do it until next week which is too long to wait.

re:redness - it is the bottom of my legs but also just above my knee, it isn't hot to the touch and doesn't represent the shape of any pain - the pain was further up, parallel with and just next to the bone.

re: birthday - yeah - this weekend is my birthday celebration. I promised myself I would run a 5K before I am 40 - missed that, so before I am 41 is the new goal. I am nowhere close to 5K but running for 30 minutes is a perfectly great achievement instead. If tonight's run feels safe and appropriate, I might just see if I can keep going at that slow pace to 5K - maybe.

re: sprained ankles - that sucks, I am sure if you did a separate post you might get some excellent suggestions regarding recovery options? I was reading an article the other day about some olympian who broke their leg and they said it was the best thing to happen to them...

Again, thanks all.

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