W4R1 done - at last!

After being a bit chicken and doing 4 x W3, I have just got back from my first W4 run! The thought of it was worse than the actual experience. Not only did I find the 3-minute runs somehow more "do-able" than they were last week, when they were the pinnacle of my running activity, but I actually found myself getting into a rhythm for my 5-minute runs. (Running along our local canal towpath on a glorious sunny afternoon helped as well!)

I took note of all the great advice on this forum. The things that seemed to help me the most were: keep a nice, easy pace; and don't worry about going really slowly - as long as you don't stop running. 

The extra thing that I found helpful was to make a conscious effort to keep my back, neck and head straight - when I get tired I tend to crouch forward, but keeping my body aligned makes it all less effort. 

I hope this isn't just beginner's luck - on to R2!


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19 Replies

  • Yeay.. that is the way... It was Confucius who said that, it does not matter how slow you go... etc!

    You run sounds super.. sunshine and good views too. Beginner's luck..no... you are doing it right... and will be fine :)

  • Thanks Oldfloss! I've just been looking at your journey and it is a real inspiration!

  • Well it has been amazing..and every single run brings something new. I get much from it, besides the run!☺

  • Well done Katie - I did my week 4 run 1 last night - you're right - the three minutes which seemed ages last week were very "do-able" when you've got a longer time to run afterwards

  • Well done! It's a great feeling isn't it - I've just completed W4R1 now too and can't believe I ran for 5 whole minutes! 

  • Well done to you too! Great to see that other people are facing this challenge too :-)

  • Yay!  Well done, it is amazing that at the beginning running for one minute was hard enough and here we are, running for five!

  • Ain't that the truth! 

    I'm just trying not to think of next week's challenges...

    Are you on W4 as well?

  • I foolishly went and looked at week 5 as I am meant to start it this week and now I am very worried.

    I finished W4 on Sunday and loved it.

  • Given that W4 involves almost twice as much running as W3, I think W5 shouldn't be so much of a shock!

    Go for it - good luck!

  • I know the upcoming runs sound like a huge jump but they are definitely do-able and look how well you are progressing. Nice to have some run buddies moving through the programme at the same time as you. 

  • I'm at the same point as you, just did week4 run1 this evening and thought I'd say hello! My week 4 experience mirrors what you said about yours.

    Well done us!

    Am finding the podcasts really motivating despite the "eclectic" choice of music, don't think I'd push myself as much if I was running to my own music, but wanting to earn the "well done" from Laura at the end of a section keeps me going. I don't have a fitbit but came home and put my route into mapometer.co.uk and discovered I'd covered 2.2miles in 30mins. Woop! I was surprised because I feel like I take much smaller steps (compared to walking) when I'm jogging so didn't think I'd covered that distance. How about you? Do you measure your distance on an app or anything?

  • Hi Stripey - I have been using Mapmyrun to chart my routes. My last one was just over 4km. I do find it's helpful to keep track of how far I've gone. I can also record my time.

  • Aaand I've just finished R2... This felt like a bit more effort than R1, but I finished with another lovely canal-side run (although I do have a bit of a lurking fear of falling in).

  • Did Wk4 R1 tonight and it was the easiest so far - for the first time my shins were not agony. 5 min definately didn't seem too bad despite me dreading it before!

  • Well done! It feels like a major step up, doesn't it - to go from 9 to 16 minutes of running. (We're doing almost twice as much running as we were last week!) 

    Oddly enough, I am finding the longer runs are a bit easier than I expected. Maybe it's because I'm slowly getting used to running - or it could be that running at a constant pace is easier than stopping and starting all the time.

    Anyway, good luck for R2, cybermat!

  • Very well done! :-)

    I've just come in from my first Week 4 run, and I agree with you completely - I was dreading it because the 5 minute runs seemed an awfully long way, but it was so much easier in reality :-) The 3 minute runs seemed to finish quicker than I expected and somehow the 5 minute runs seemed easier than the 90 second runs from 2 weeks ago!

  • It is really weird, isn't it - a distance that seems at the outer edge of your capability one week seems like no big deal the next week. Good luck for Run 2!

  • Run 2 wasn't so good -don't know why but my weekend runs never seem as good - shin pain and tight calves. Run 3 tomorrow and am hoping it will be more like Run 1!

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