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First run for 3 weeks - and now a 5 x 50 team member

Went out for my first run in 3 weeks this morning (beautiful sunshine all be it a bit cold). Shins didn't hurt while running I can just feel a little soreness in my left shin but not sure if that's just in my mind, will ice it later anyway. I only did a 2.8k run just to see how things were but i noticed I struggled a little more with my breathing to start with and by the end my groins were sore which is alway what happens to me if I haven't run or increase my distance (it will be fine the next time I go out).

I must admit that I have done nothing in the 3 weeks I have not been able to run, not even gone for a walk or used the treadmill. In the last few days I have started to feel fat and depressed about that and can't believe I have been so lazy. So after coming back from my run i have decided to take up the 5 x 50 challenge. I certainly don't think this will be easy, what with work, two teenagers and other family commitments but I am ready for the challenge and it is only potentially 30 minutes out of my day.

I'm now part of the NHS C25k 5 x 50 challenge team and very proud of it

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That's great that you are back out again; it is hard not being able to run when that is what you are itching to do :( I ran this morning too after a break of 9 days due to a bad back but couldn't wait to get out there and enjoy the sunshine, even if still cold!! :O

Welcome to the Team; there are 49 of us now!!



Welcome aboard!!! :-) Like you, between family, work and other issues, we were concerned if we could do it. I'm simple minded, but I'm using the logic this is no different then the time/schedule we made to do C25K. Other then 50 days in a row!!! YEEKS! ;-) Welcome again and lets get ready to rock this challenge! :-) Gayle


Hurrah! Glad you're back morningglory, and part of the team!

Oh oh oh - there are 50 of us!!!


50 ! Well done all 50 of us :-)


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