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TJ and all of the 5 x 50 team you have a lot to answer for!!!!!

I was so inspired by all of you during your challenge and having read Greenlegs's blog I've just signed up for Juneathon 2013, yikes what have I done. I missed out on the 5 x 50 as I was nursing an injury, but hopefully this old girl will manage this one, well its only 30 days!!

I also will be starting my quest to conquer Jacobs Ladder again this year, I didn't quite manage it last year in a oner so I'll have another go this year, hopefully starting tomorrow. I'll be doing the downward run tomorrow first though just to show my respect, cos its one heck of a steep hill :)

We are supposed to get wiser as we get older so they say, I think I missed the wisdom queue out ;)

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Good luck with the big hill, oldgirl - serious downhills do my knees in, so hope yours are ok by the time you get to the bottom! Mine turn to jelly and start to quiver. :)

I'd managed to forget that I'm signed up for a Race for Life on the last day of June, so it'll be good training for me. Maybe I'll be able to get my 5k time to just under 40 minutes. Might be a bit optimistic (especially if the weather warms up again), but it makes it more interesting with a target, even though I don't really think it matters all that much, as long as I enjoy it.

I'll definitely keep up the yoga and maybe the cycling too though, not running every day.


How exciting! I'll be cheering you on through June x


Golly gosh Old Girl! I'm here cheering you on! Good luck and look forward to reading about it later xox


Yikes! Well done oldgirl! So good you see you've taken courage in both hands. Rooting for you.

Keep on Running :-)

Colette x


Good for you !

I've got off to a fairly slow start - had to cancel my planned run as my ankles were so sore but I did a runners squats routine instead, and started my blog It's not very exciting, just a diary for myself really.


Yeah well done you. I have had a really busy day and for someone who runs first thing in the morning found after being out with friends for afternoon tea it was now 8.30 by the time I got home from also driving the others home. Managed a 4K run + 1k warm up/cool down. So at least I managed something, just done my blog but don't see it coming through on FB not sure if I've done it right!!!!!


Haven't seen it on FB yet, will keep an eye out :-)


Think its all wroking now


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