5 x 50 challenge - starts in 3 weeks!

5 x 50 challenge - starts in 3 weeks!

Just had a quick look at the c25k team - there are 22 of us now!

In case anyone else wants to join us, I've copied a bit from the earlier blog below.


It's linked to Comic Relief (£5 min donation to register, but you don't have to fundraise beyond that - it's ok to do it just for fitness). The challenge is to be physically active for 30 minutes (ideally 5k) every day for 50 days - 31st March to 19th May.

Now it does say, "Run, walk jog or cycle 5km a day for 50 days" - however, if you read around a bit, you'll find that it is ok to interpret '5km a day' to be '30 minutes of active exercise a day'. So you could walk/swim/zumba/cycle or anything else instead. Plus, the 30 minutes doesn't have to be all in one lump - so a short lunchtime walk could count.

And even if you've only just started c25k, you can register (you might have graduated by then anyway!), as even week 1 is being active for 30 minutes - you could walk, swim or bike on alternate days.


Register on here: 5x50.co.uk

Do be warned though, it's quite easy to overdo it - if you've been doing very little exercise, suddenly jumping to 30 minutes every day can be very tiring (especially if some days you get over-enthusiastic and do more than 30, or push yourself crazy-hard, as some/most of us tend to do!)

Signs of overdoing it - feeling constantly exhausted, as if you're coming down with flu/cold and quite possibly very low mood. Go easy to start with - get fit, not worn out! :)


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11 Replies

  • I signed up about a week ago, yay me!! Really looking forward to this challange. But just as you suggest, I'm starting out slowly.

    And in case anyone's wondering how much £5 is in US dollars, enter "convert £5 to usd" into google search and it'll show the conversion at the top. Currently showing $7.47 on March 10.

  • I love the idea that it's worldwide!

    I did a walk on my rest day today, to and from the Mothers' Day lambing. Watched a lamb being born - amazing!

  • Thanks Greenlegs....I wondered what this was. I think I'll be giving it ago :)

  • 24 now!

  • Beginning to get nervous about this now.... running still isn't back to pre-Christmas (and pre-flu/snow) levels but finally getting closer. Swimsuit has arrived and seems to fit so I'll be gracing the pool sooner or later. Still need to plan one or two more activities to fill non-run days. I've been thinking about maybe Pilates for some core muscle work.

    I hope 5x50 have their t-shirts ready to order soon - then I'll really feel I'm one of the team!


  • I'm trying pilates tonight( a beginner 30 minute session) and will let you know how it goes! If you spread out the activities and mix up impact and non-impact you should be fine. I tried the cross-trainer for a non-impact and that wasn't too bad, so that could be another thing for you to do on your non-running days :)

  • Ooh yes - do let us know. I'm still looking out for non-running day activities. At the moment I'm not a gym member (and I can't find a local one with drop-in terms) so classes and swimming (and of course walking) sound like better options. I'm definitely in the 30 mins rather than the 5K camp though :-)

  • The beginner pilates session was 30 minutes and quite easy. Perhaps i have more core-strength than I thought! It was certainly a lot easier than swiss ball. Pilates and swimming would be perfect to compliment the running.

  • Thanks for posting that. I've joined too now Greenlegs! Looking forward to the new challenge :)

  • I've signed up to it! I've just done w4r2 but I tend to walk most evenings for about an hour (just over 4 miles). I think this will motivate me to get out every day and not just when I feel like it. I do like to challenge myself! All the best everyone, we can do this :-)

  • Lovely to see more still joining!

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