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5 x 50 Challenge - nearing the end

I must admit I have found the 5 x 50 challenge difficult for a number of reasons

a) family & work commitments

b) shin splints that meant I couldn't run for the 3/4 of the challenge

I am behind on the challenge so I have 50 km to do in 7 days but I am determined I'm going to do it.

I have also had a little knock to my confidence having not been able to run properly for a period of time you start doubting whether you can run, if you are meant to run and how far you can run. I had a really bad run the other day and hated every minute which really knocked my confidence. I then had a really good treadmill run on Friday (I was catching up with the Archers on I Player so that helped). Today when I looked at my catch up schedule it said 10k. Oh yes I have run 10k before or did I imagine that? Can I really run that far?

I didn't plan a route exactly but parked a one end of town and then ran to the other side of the town did a big loop round and back to the car - 10k completed. Time wasn't too bad either 1hour 14 minutes (I walked the first 5 mins as a warm up). How good did I feel at the end - YES I CAN RUN 10K YIPEE !!!!!!!

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Oh, well done! :)

Go gently and look after those precious legs! :)


Well done !

50k in 7 days should be do-able if you plan your time carefully. It may be easier to do two short sessions in a day than to do it all at once. Good luck and enjoy it :-)


Wow, that's impressive! Go you :)


It's hard when you have a knock to your confidence for whatever reason but you have proved you can still do it so hopefully that's just the boost you need.

Good luck with the final week and if you don't do it please don't beat yourself up about it. Some have fallen by the wayside along the way but you are still here and determined to finish so that says a lot! You will be there celebrating on day 50 with us all, whatever distance you have covered so be proud of that!

Sue :)


Excellent - we really can do more than we think we can!


Brilliant Morningglory. I am in absolute awe of all you people who sort of accidentally manage 10K. Great work! Dx


Well done you are doing great....but look after those shins. :-D


Well done! What a great achievement!


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