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Week 5 done and dusted!

Well 2nd time round it is satisfaction more than the exhilaration of the first time doing w3r2 20mins. I was a bit cheeky and ditched Laura for RunKeeper to track my distance out of curiosity.

I included my warm up and cool down walks and covered 4.3km so give me something to aim towards once I get to running for 30mins. I was looking at my RunKeeper stats for July when I had got my 5k PB and that was some more motivation seeing that and the progress it took to get there.

I saw the Dr last week about my abdominal pain and checked in today on my blood tests which where all clear so just waiting on an appointment for an ultrasound now to see if they find gallstones. It would be nice to get it sorted because I'm getting a stitch like pain quite often when I run and even just when I walk.

Back to Laura for week 6 :)

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Welcome to week 6!!! Good luck and I hope the health concerns are nothing major. You're doing great!! :-) Gayle


great news! I'm doing week 5 run 3 tomorrow, so hopefully it will warm up a little :)


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