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Week 5 Run 3 - done and dusted!

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I was really nervous about the 20 minute run last night - how could I go from 8 minute runs to 20 minutes? My husband and daughter came with me and walked around the lake with me as we started off. It felt strange leaving them behind. I'd managed to do a complete lap of the lake during run 2 and had decided that if I could do one lap them I must be able to do two (4 laps = 5k) A lady with a dog told me 'well done' as I passed her coming the other way for the 3rd time and this really boosted me to carry on. My husband and daughter had worked out where they thought I would finish my 20 minutes and were waiting for me like a cheering party. I ran past them for a minute or so and they then had to run to catch me up. Very proud and pleased and so far not too achey..... :)

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What a lovely, happy picture I have in my head! :) So great that you have the family support. You'll be into longer runs in the next few weeks, so you can set them guessing games to work out where you will finish ... How lovely to have a 5k lake edge .... The big lake creator upstairs must also be a C25K supporter too! LOL Cheers, Linda

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Well done! Amazing to have a cheering committee! Im doing run 2 tomorrow and run 3 on Sunday. I hope I do as well as you!! :)

Yay, I was out doing week 5 run 3 last night! Just before I set off I said to Mr42 "I don't want to do this" but it was absolutely fine once I got into it.

First time writing here but felt I wanted to join in now I completed W5 run 3 last night! Was absolutely fine too. Actually felt more pleased when I did the first 5 min run (shouting yes as I walked down the road), but still can't believe I ran non-stop for 20 minutes - I don't think I have ever done that in my life

I did my w5r3 today as well! Wish I had someone waiting to cheer me at the end of the 20 minutes, I was running by a main road so did a little "yey!" to myself when Laura said to start the walk home. I've decided that such a big mile stone deserves a reward, now to decide what it is!

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Congrats on running 20 min! I'm only starting W4 this week and it's so hard to imagine doing 20 min when 3 is still a struggle. For me, the 20 min run will be a huge milestone. Good job, you must feel so proud!

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I think that the 20 minute run was the biggest milestone of the whole programme for me. Once I'd done that, I realised that I could actually keep running!

Well done all! :)

Congratulations! It's a big achievement, you know now you can finish the programme.

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments - I am blessed to have a wonderful husband and daughter, who I think are secretly more surprised than me about how well I'm doing.... ;)

I'm really looking forward to next week and as some of you have said I do believe this week has been the turning point. Once you know that mentally you can do it there's no stopping you. Really well done everyone who has made it this far and good luck to those who are well on their way x

I was telling my 17 daughter about your family cheering you on and waiting at the finish line, and she said "oh yeah, thats a cool idea you should do that" silence from me, then - "but that would mean you ??? as in you're my daughter!!! " blank look lol

i give up!! doing the run tonight so will cheer myself if i manage to do it!!!

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Mrsk0412 in reply to Sofa-sloth

This made me smile while I was on the train tonight. Kids today you have to spell it out for them.... - hope the run went well.

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it went great - thankyou x

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