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Week 5 run 3 done and dusted I feel awesome!

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Well after my post the other day about the self doubt I put the gremlins in there place and got out there this morning and did it, Thursday is my weigh day, I decided if I lost 2 pound or more I would do the run today any less and I was giving myself an extra day and doing it tomorrow. Well I lost 4 pounds so I went out with a spring in my step, I managed to slip over on the ice on my 5 minute warm up walk and cut my knee and hand, I picked myself up and carried on, nothing or no one was getting in my way today, I decided instead of running around in a circle like I usually do to go a slightly different route which actually gave me different scenery to look at, the first 10 minutes seemed to pass quickly and I felt absolutely great, I started to find it hard at 18 minutes in but there was no way I was giving up, I decided to concentrate on my breathing and my music and before I knew it Laura was saying I could slow down to a walk, sorry for the epic post but I just feel so happy and proud of myself, I seriously can not believe the difference this programme has made to my life in just 5 short weeks.

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Congratulations! Well done for getting out there today, and for the weight loss. It's good that the little fall didn't put you off. Enjoy your rest day! :-)

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I know, it's mad int it! Don't worry about the falling over. We all do it at least once! At least now you're aware of icy mornings in a more meaningful way than perhaps before, not least as you don't want to risk ripping your best running tights!

I don't go in for gremlins. There's no such thing. As for self-doubt, well you can kick much of that into touch as you've accomplished so much in a few short weeks, which should give you a real boost going into Week 6.

Week 6 is a piece of work so gird your loins and go for it. Tackle it nice and steady. No rush. Slow is good. Get some good eats down you and plenty of sleep and you'll nail it. It's fun so be sure to have a good time!

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This is a very short post..( ever read any of mine... :) ? and...it is brilliant...!

Well done you...the ice was dire this morning... you are very plucky to pick yourself up and carry on

Well done on the weight loss too...you are well on the way.

Slow. steady and move onwards and upwards...:)

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Well done, that third run is such a big leap mentally. It sounds as if you really psyched yourself up and attacked it whole heartedly. Well done.

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Congratulations - that's fantastic. I did that run last Sunday, it really is mind over matter - feels soooo good to finish it :)

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It is a huge breakthrough getting week 5, run 3 out of the way. Sounds like sheer determination got you to the finish line, well done. I told myself unless I was about to die, I keep running because repeating it was not an option. Week 6 is a challenge but psychologically your run today proved u can do it 😀

Well done! 20 minutes continuous running! It's amazing, isn't it?

What a day! You must be chuffed to bits. Congratulations :)

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Well done you !! Great effort :) that run really isn't as bad as you 1st think .

You really should be immensely proud of yourself , be prepared for more changes as you progress further :)

You absolutely should feel awesome! You're brave too, not skulking back home after a fall shows determination and pluckiness needed for this programme, you're going all the way and those gremlins are no match for you! Brilliant job on this milestone run, and congratulations on the weight loss too - marvellous! :)

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Brilliant ! Well done , you should be so proud of yourself tonight !

That positive attitude and determination you showed today will take you to Graduation !

I think most of us have had a fall somewhere along the line, I had my most spectacular fall on the warm up walk ! Too busy gawping at some lovely flowers in someones garden ! Ha ha , that'll teach me ! :-)

You got up , carried on and smashed it !

Many Congratulations on your weight loss too. You are doing great, keep going ! :-) xxx

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Thanks everyone, this forum is amazing, the support from complete strangers is so good, I haven't told many people that I am doing the run or trying to loose weight as I have past form for giving things up, but I am really loving the programme and hope that I will be giving a few people a suprise in a few weeks, I had been running very early in the morning in the dark but have now started going about at 10 and just giving people a cheery greeting at the end of the day I am lapping every one on the couch and people may think I'm a funny site, but let them think it, I have found running really empowering and also the only time of day ever that my head is totally empty, it's like my very own therapy session!

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HeatherGrrrGraduate in reply to hel212000

Well done on the run, and on your fantastic attitude! I like to think I have a similar outlook, and the more I run the less I care what anyone thinks, because I feel good in myself! I managed the same run this morning, and seeing your post was one of the things that gave me an extra bit of motivation and drive to get out there and do it! Hurrah for us! Good luck with W6 😀

Epic run. :) well done hel

Brilliant :) Pretty much clear sailing from now on.

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