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Week 5 Run 3 Done and Dusted

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Hurray! I did it. W5R3 and the 20 min run is now under my belt. I am convinced that this run was all psychology. The first 5 min I though, this is terrible, maybe I should reconsider my progress during the earlier runs. Then during the 2nd 5 min I started to figure out a pace that worked. By the 3rd 5 min I was enjoying the music and during the last 5 min, I was starting to feel this is doable. Definitely doable. I can make it.

I am really looking forward to week 6 now. I have signed up for a 5k on Oct 7 in New York City, so I can not fall behind on my training at this point. While I do not think I will be in perfect 5k shape for the race, at least it keeps my highly motivated to keep going.

All in all, it was a good day today!

17 Replies
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Good idea to sign up for the 5K, you'll have to let us know how it goes

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jcm13Graduate in reply to Ribena

I will definitely post the 5k when it happens. Thanks for the positive encouragement.

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Well done, it's a real milestone to get W5R3 done. Good luck with W6 - and the 5k!

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jcm13Graduate in reply to Soozz

Thanks Soozz! I do feel like it is a cross over into being a runner

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YIPPPEE! You did it!! :-) I agree, it is more mentally challenging as we go along. I am into week 7 and I still dread the first few minutes of a run, they seem so difficult. Great job in signing up for a 5k, you will do great! I have the opportunity to sign up for a mid-October 5k, still debating if I want to or not. I'm leaning towards signing up, that way I can use that as a goal to work on my speed a bit. Good luck to you in week 6!!

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jcm13Graduate in reply to gdeann

Thanks gdeann! You should sign up for the 5k. Even if you are not 100% where you want to be, at least you get a chance to be part of the community of runners and it is a great motivator.

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Hey that's great. Well done! Thanks for posting, its encouraging for me as I did W5R2 today and was pleased to find I could do the 8 minutes constant running, even if my feet and ankles really did hurt by the end, I didn't stop. Once I had finished the 5 min cool down walk I was already starting to feel better.

I'm not sure how I feel about 20 minutes. Part of me looks forward to the challenge, while a small part wonders how I will keep going? So I really am glad to read your post!

Good luck with your 5K! :-)

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jcm13Graduate in reply to arablue

Hi arablue - Good job on getting through W5R2. I am sure you can make it through the W5R3. I think the key to W5R3 is keeping your pace reasonable (slowing if you need).

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arablue in reply to jcm13

Thanks jcm13. I am determined that barring injury I will keep going, even if I have to go so slowly that snails start to overtake..... I will not stop! :-)

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With you all the way regarding the psychology. Keep us posted re the 5K. Happy running

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jcm13Graduate in reply to cazzania

Thanks cazzania - Crazy thing that it is the mind and not the body driving this.

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Aw, I really struggled today. I think I'm going to have to try it again - I changed my route and my routine. Not a good idea. I managed ok up to the 10 min. Mark, then had to walk for half a minute. Then I had to,start walking again a minute from the end. I'm disappointed that I couldn't manage the full 20 mins, but pleased that I managed more than I have before.

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jcm13Graduate in reply to Wentbacktobed

Hi Wentbacktobed - I did not mention it in the original post, but I changed my route for W5R3 and I agree, that was not a good idea. I had to give myself permission to slow my pace and then it still took a few minutes before I realized that my breathing was easing. You will get it.

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Hey JCM13, well done you. I finished it on Sunday - about half way through I wasn't sure I was going to be able to do it, but as Laura said it is more about the mental strength which is so true, I just kept telling myself that I was b****y well going to finish it and soon enough good old Laura was telling me that I only had 5 minutes left to go, and actually although I was absolutely exhausted the sense of achievement that was building carried me through the last 5 minutes.

After completing it I was so psyched up for today and doing the first W6 run but I have had to abandon it due to a very painful leg - I obviously overdid it yesterday and today when I should have been resting but we have had some heavy duty office moves at work and as I had organised them I felt that I ought to pitch in rather than just sit watching........ Not really a smart move in retrospect :o)

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Great job, JCM13. I'm right there with you, though I had a little bit more difficulty completing W5R3 this morning. I, too, am working towards running my first 5k. I've got a good friend whose kids are burdened with a life-threatening genetic abnormality. His nonprofit group holds a 5k run/walk each year. Every year before, I walked it to show my support for him. This year, I'm planning on running the 5k. It's at the end of October, so I should be pretty far along with this C25K thing by then. Good luck with W6, the 5k, and beyond.

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jcm13Graduate in reply to TexasDad

Thanks Texas Dad - I did W5R3 today also and it hurt at the end but I made it. It really feels like things are going the right way. Good luck to you in your race.

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TexasDadGraduate in reply to jcm13

Thanks a bunch.

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