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I did it!!

I did it!!

I still feel sick almost 2 hours later..........

I had planned to run this morning as today is a running day - (I am still running every other day atm) but my plan to 'work from home' (and therefore run in the time I'd usually spend commuting) was scuppered and I had to drive into London for 2 meetings. Managed to get back home just before lunch and decided to do my run in my 'lunch break'. (As I work in the private sector I don't usually have one of these... but I did today!!)

Off I set.- plan: Run 5km and see how long its takes. (This is my 2nd run after graduating Monday)

Left ankle hurting since the horrid speed session earlier this week, but I decided I'd see how it bore up and stop if it hurt too much. Luckily the pain of breathing distracted me... I set my runtastic app and struggled to wedge phone in small arm pocket so lost about 20 seconds to start with... decided would knock 20 seconds off my 5km time... down hill, up hill and please to hear feedback - 1km 5.mins 45 seconds. Bit worried running too fast (as had stood still for 20 secs at beginning as above!) so eased off a bit... turn right onto track... a wave of dispair hit me. I hate it. I want to stop. That’s it - the LAST time I run. Never again...plod on. Head down, sucking at the snowy air.... 2km = 11 mins something... feeling pleased but worried going out too fast - can I sustain this??

Back onto road, and up the longest hill. Try to not think and just count... get to 100 and it levels out a bit. 3km - 17 minutes something - I've slowed and this is hurting...

Down hill - trying to gulp air, hill starts to climb and I plod on to just reach the top to hear 4km... 23 minutes - yea!! Feeling quite tired but very pleased... I can run a km in 7 minutes for sure, even if I run slowly!! Back down the hill... shall I turn right and run on the flat for the last 0.5km - although that means a longer walk home, or push on up the next hill- which will be hard but mean a shorter walk home afterwards? I push on up the hill... inner laziness means I want a shorter walk... lol. Time expands... I am running for ever... I am never going to get to 5km, every time the music pauses for a micro second I am praying - is that the robotic voice saying 5 Km cutting in?? Finally 5km - 28 minutes 57 seconds.

I immediately slow to a walk... and then stop... trying to turn phone app off so it stops clocking time (and makes my average run time slower) and gagging and breathing and head is spinning as no lunch yet and cold air... why would you do this to yourself?? (I haven't even lost weight doing this - I’ve gained 3 pounds!!!) Turn phone app off and start to walk like a drunk up the road towards home. Sore ankle is now killing me - although didn’t hurt/notice whilst running... odd. Limp home and have to sit down sipping water to recover before I get in the shower. I notice an attractive vein throbbing on red forehead... nice.

BUT very very pleased. I have achieved my aim of 5km in less than 30 mins... so now what??

10km I guess. I told husband my aim (not goal as apparently according to my therapist goals are bad!) was to run 5km in less than 20 minutes... not sure thats achievable but maybe?!

Thanks for reading... cookies and tea for those that have read it all! (umm, maybe that’s why I’ve put on 3 pounds...)

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Thanks for the tea and cookies!

Blimey! That's fast! (Mind you, sounds like it was gruesome tough!) It's great that you're so pleased with your time, and you've broken the 30 barrier. :) - you can find out how 28 and 20 minutes rank for your age, in relation to the world record here.

Unasked for advice coming up - ignore if you prefer!

Maybe give yourself a bit of a break now, and allow yourself some slower runs to just enjoy, rather than going all out and getting injured? Feeling sick two hours later sounds horrible. :)

I read this earlier on another running forum (and need to consider it myself):

"Common wisdom says that for six months after finishing C25k you should simple work on "building a base," which means consistent mileage overall without an aggressive training plan, and allows your bones and joints the time to acclimatize to the stresses of running. This acclimatization comes much more gradually than the increase in muscle mass and cardiovascular fitness and can't be rushed."


Excellent advice Greenlegs... ! I am going to do a longer (33 mins) slower run on Sunday. I will still keep on the speed session once a week but I'm not going to push myself hard on my 30 min runs... they can be steady and without target distances for now.

p.s the 20 min aim is a year off I think!


Now if only I could get myself to listen to my own advice. :)


WOW! firstly well done on graduating and secondly - well done on a sub 30 min 5k! the training schedule sounds good - would be rubbish to get injured now and suffer a setback! :-)


Wow! Well done! I am so far away from what you did today, but one day....

I did my second post grad run today too, but no Laura or apps as my ipod was out of charge, so did a slow 38 minute plod listening to the radio on my phone, no good for timing or beat to run to! Can't wait til I can upgrade my phone and get one able to cope with more than 1 app!


That's a great time; well done. But have some lunch!


<I can run a km in 7 minutes for sure, even if I run slowly!! >

That's a good km pace for me (see my blog today where I actually said I was pleased to have done 7 min/km for my first 2K)!

Well done on your 30min 5K :-D Now listen to the wise words of others and don't overdo it!


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