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I did it! W5 r3

Weindy but dry tonight after last nights snow..

Got home, got changed, and went for it. When Laura said go I was dreading it. I thought she'd abandoned me and was convinced it was at least 10 minutes when she said 5 minutes gone - oh no! But it always seems to take me that first run to warm up and I could feel everything settling down.

Then we were half way, and then 15 minutes in, and suddenly it was 2 minutes to go and she was saying to stop! Trouble was it was blooming cold, and I was still a good five minutes jogging from my normal walking point so I kept going - total run time 25 minutes (yes, i know - I should have walked!) and then a good 5 mins walk back.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOO pleased!! I can't remember a time when I could run for any length of time - and to enjoy it!? Man, this is craziness but so good :)

Thank you Laura and the C25K plan :D

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fantastic :) well done :)

you will be smiling for days now X


Woo hoo brilliant! :)


Fab, isn't it? Well done!! :-) :-) :-)


Well done! :) :) It's such a great feeling isn't it...enjoy! :)


Well Done! Who would have thought it could become soooo addictive? Not me thats for sure, lol. But I'm on W7R3 tonight,, my only problem is shall I go before Zumba or after?? x


i share your thoughts exactly! I thought the ipod was stuck for the first 10 minutes... keep going!!! - you will get through the next week (which I have just finished) no problem!


Wow! You star, You should be very proud of yourself :)


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