OMG OMG ! I did it W5 R3

I woke up this morning with a very sore throat but I was determined to go ahead with the dreaded 20 min run as today was my day to give it a go. I went out into a beautiful sunny morning at 6.30am and started my run.

I felt the first 5 minutes went slow and I thought Laura would never tell me that the 5 minutes were up but I kept thinking of all the stories of success I had read on this website over the last few weeks and I was determined that I was going to do it as well. I was then beginning to feel a bit more comfortable for the next ten minutes and then there was only five to go. When Laura told me that I had done it, I was totally elated. I did a little victory dance on the spot and there were a group of people on the beach starting to do a boot camp that were looking at me as if I was mad.

I just want to say that if I can do this anybody can, I have never done any excercise really in my life and I suppose I never really believed that I could, people like me dont run! But now we do!

I have spent the last 11 years bringing up my 3 children and working and I suppose like many of us I sort of got lost in all that. Now finally I feel I am doing something for me. So if you are thinking of starting DO and if you are in Week 1 or 2 Keep going! We can all do this.

Thank you NHS and Laura.

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  • Well done! Nice to know that we can do stuff like this and succeed. The realisation that I was doing something just for me was quite a novel one and is still very special to me.

  • Well done, you! Keep it up and know that you can do it!

  • well done it feels great to do this one makes you feel you are getting somewhere good luck with week 6.

  • Good job, you! Congratulations on completing THAT milestone run!


  • Well done!! :D It really is a huge achievement :) I couldn't help doing a little victory dance either ;)

  • Congratulations!! I did a little shouting and fist pumping when I finished that run, myself, but I was alone in the woods at the time so only the bears heard me, haha. Good for you keeping motivated and moving ahead. I find thinking about some of the things people write in their blogs here really does help. Well done, and good luck in your next run! :D

  • Well done - Wk 6 here you come!

  • Well done -I also did a little dance and gave myself a clap as well. And then I cried a bit!! Isnt it amazing what us non runners can do?! x

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