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Made it past week 3 and completed week 4 run 1!

So, as I have said before managed to quit at week 3 last time I started the programme but today I completed week 4 run 1, hurray!! I am still charting all of my runs on a chart I have in the kitchen (works for me!). I found the first 5 minute run hard and was waiting for laura to come in but it got better after that! I now know that this programme works as now way would I have been able to run for 16 minutes in a session 4 weeks ago!

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Hi scubakate. We're at exactly the same point. I did it yesterday and felt so pleased to think I had crossed the line to run more than walk. Well done to us! I'll keep an eye out for your blogs for mutual support. Tati :-)


CONGRATS to you! I also completed W4R1 yesterday, and yes, that first 5 minute run was killer, but it did get better after that! Looking forward to running outside but the weather is still crappy where I am. Thank goodness for the treadmill, Do keep up the great work!


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