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Snow Snow Snow

Just cannot see it anymore. Woke up early this morning to go for a run but when I looked out of the window I changed my mind.

As much as I enjoy running, I don't like it when its icy out there. It is already warming up, so I already got my running gear together and will defiantly go for Run 3 Week 8 later on today. Only 4 runs left and hopefully spring will be here soon!!!!!!

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Hi, I loved running on the compacted snow back in Jan/Feb, it felt surprisingly stable to run on and everywhere was so freshand clean looking... Was more slippy on the paths to the park while I was doing my warm up walks!

I went out in the slushy icy snow on Saturday evening, wore two pairs of socks as I though my feet would get soaked but my feet managed to stay dry although the bottoms of my exercise trousers were soggy and very cold ont he ankles once I got home!

Have a good run later, I am waiting to leave work and will see on the way home how strong the icy wind is before deciding whether to run today or tomorrow! :-)


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