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So there we were Boxing Day vising the In laws as you do, phone app said there might be snow, phone app had warnings there might be snow. Tv news said snow so we had to say our goodbyes and race home (in the car) and get the little bunnies all snuggled up with their special snugglesafes (microwave heat things that keep warm through the night and are bunny safe).

We arrived home just in time for everyone sorted and then the snow came. Now being a southerner snow is greatly exciting to me, sure we had snow when I was little but well seem to get more of it up 'ere.

Oh and how glorious that snow looked, how I was so tempted to don running hear at midnight and go out to play, but I was doped up on diazepam and strong painkillers and very tired so off to bed I went with a promise to Ferd that we would play in the morning.

Well I had a horrendous night, limited sleep due to pain (my back is spasming again) and I had to resort to more painkillers during the night and a heat pack.

The morning came and another dose of diazepam and a very upset me as I really really wanted to go play. More pain killers, heat pack back stretches and doped up and raring to go I was determined nothing was going to stop me and off we went and oh it was glorious. I am still in recovery mode as I still have this stupid cough and of course the back spasms so it was run walk 8/1 minute intervals but I did 7k :) I'm getting there I'm making my way back.

The following day, snow still on the ground. Still an excited southerner somehow I managed to slip into my running gear again and pulled off another 7k ... Ooops how did that happen?

The following day look out window - look there is still snow and off we went again but only a modest 5k which I actually ran most of without stopping - woohoo.

Then work day came and that stopped my fun. Boo. But a 3 day running streak, sick with virus I've had for a month and back spasms go me.

Work, work boo no running and chair of evil - yes I am STILL waiting for my adapted desk aids as in special chair and foot stool despite me telling them I required these things before I even started. As you can imaging I am not happy, especially as its thrown my back, back into spasms. But as per my back care plan I was good and got my medicine (which is the diazepam its a muscle relaxant) and I am doing my excercises but obviouly chair of evil keeps trying to undo all the hard work I put in.

And so onto today and first run since Sunday and in fact first run of the year oh and a parkrun. My 9th park run - would love to get up to 50 this year. Ferd came with me. I did ok 5k in 40 and a smigde minutes a few minutes off my pre mega illness personal best so honestly I'm gettin there maybe I will achieve a sub 30 this year. Not up to running a full 5k without a walk yet but I know it won't be long and in the mean time I'm gonna be extending my intervals and upping my distances, so glad to be back (Ferd has been getting into chunky monkey mode with me out of the game and poor Mr Mouse and his broken toe).

Oh and p.s I get extra kudos for my snow trail runs cause I don't have trail shoes - yeah that's right I was in my ever faithful nike road shoes (that I discovered one of the cats have peed on this morning).

Hope everyone has a runtasic new year.

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Oh Spoonie you've done fantastically well on those runs! Brilliant and in the snow too! Sorry to hear you were in pain but that didn't seem to stop you! Great times too.

It sounds as if 2015 is going to be a great running year for you.

Happy New Year to you and Ferd and Mr Mouse.


Wow well done for getting out there despite your back and virus!!!!I hope 2015 sees your back sorting out ( pesky evil chair...) and your running goes from strength to strength!


Well done Spoonie. Happy New Year.


Wow Spoonie congratulations m'dear, that's some running streak you pulled off there. I am in awe!! Also, very impressed by the amount of weight you've lost since you started. Have the best of New Years, you, OH, Ferd and bunnies all x


wow spoonie . that is some post . well done on those runs and in the snow in road shoes :D hats off to you/

Hope you continue to improve and have a great 2015 :D


Well what a cracking running period you had there! Good for you - and with nasty virus hanging on too (not nice :-( ).

Hope you get all those things sorted, and have a happy and healthy (as much as you can of course) 2015.

:-) xx


Oh Spoonie, I wish you a healthy and pain free 2015. You have been through the mill with one thing and another, but like the trooper you are , you never give in xxx

All the very best to you, Mr Mouse, Ferd and the Bunnies . Ferd is looking rather handsome in his green coat, perfectly co-ordinated, very dashing ! :-) xxx


3 day running steak, thats really impressive! Sounds like you've had a busy time, and with feeling C**P too you've shown real determination! Happy 2015 Spoonie, loving ferds coat, he looks very cute! :)


ps thats supposed to be Streak not Steak! :X


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