You won't stop me snow!

You won't stop me snow!

Oh my... that was definitely the coldest and windiest and snowiest run so far! To be honest, I was very hesitant to go out because it's basically a blizzard outside (even as I'm writing this), but I told myself that if I don't go out in this then it will give me an excuse to skip other runs when the weathers bad, and I definitely don't want to do that!

Despite the crazy weather the run itself went quite well! When I finished the last 3 minute run I was grinning like an idiot because for me to go out and do a run in this weather was unheard of before! It literally still seems a bit odd to me that I've stuck with this programme for this long already, because I was so lazy before! (still am)

Now I know that if I can go out in apocalyptic weather then I can go out in anything! Bring it on!

Happy running everyone!

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  • Yeah the structure works really well to encourage you to go out, no matter the weather! I popped out for a run in what I thought was a gap between blizzards yesterday. Of course the blizzard came back mid-run. Very err bracing.

  • Well done you! I agree with your reasoning (((Now I know that if I can go out in apocalyptic weather then I can go out in anything!))) I once was faced with a sheer face on a mountain climb... almost wet myself from fear... but the emotions afterwards. If I can do that, I can anything. Reading some of the blogs, this c25k is a lot about mental preparation and changing our mindsets.

    Again, well done.

  • Well done. I think this running business is very addictive. I have just got back from my run and it didn't seem to matter which way I was going I was going into the wind. LOL

  • Well done! I never dreamed I would run in decent weather, let alone blizzards! Amazing how C25K is a life changing program! Great that you went out and braved the storm, you should be very proud of yourself. :-) Gayle

  • Well done! Into week 2 myself now and really wasn't fancying it with the cold weather but all done, yay! I will stick at this programme this time!

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