let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

No, I haven't gone completely mad. A great big parcel was delivered to a neighbour's house today for me and it had all my new running gear, including some lovely long sleeved running tops for the winter. Unfortunately, I didn't order any running tights, but it's not really very cold yet (at least not at the time of day I'm currently able to run).

Can't wait to try out the tops. Might need to leave the long sleeved tops until its a wee bit colder, although I can christen them on the bike in the meantime and I did get one new vest, so something to use straight away. I also bought a nice craghopper microfleece, which will be lovely for the cycling.

This is what happens when you are too poorly to run and someone leaves a pc and a credit card within reach! I did spend 40 minutes on the naughty step to compensate for spending more than I could really afford, so that's all sorted :-D

Now I've got my enthusiasm back, I'd better get an early (ish) night, so that I am ready for W8R1 in my new running vest tomorrow. Bring it on! :-)


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15 Replies

  • Hee, hee. Preparation is everything, vixiej!

  • that's my excuse :-)

  • Welcome to week 8! I bet all of it will make you run faster and jump higher!! Nothing like retail therapy!! ;-)

  • I've never been a friend of shopping, but this is so much fun!

  • Hahaha!! I love this post!! Although, if Gayle (gdeann) gets any ideas of what to do while I am away at work she had better order some great stuff for me also, or I am going to hold you responsible vixiej!!! I have to admit, I am a "stuff" junkie, though!! I want all of the running gear from tops, to socks, to shoes, to jackets, to watches, to tees, etc, etc. I LOVE stuff!!

  • I'm sure she'll remember to buy you something lovely, although the ratio of items per person may be skewed in her favour if you are not around ;-)

  • Nice one. Just saw my credit card bill itemising spending at a certain sports ship near me. Hard to resist, eh?

  • sports ship eh! Now ther's an idea for an original slant cruise. Run in a different country each morning and work off the calories of good food and wine.

  • could catch on, shall I start organising it? We could have the C25K New Years bash and start 2013 off with a marathon, 5K in each country till we hit the right amount :-D

  • Far dafter ideas have worked!

  • very true!

  • Join the club!! For something that I sold to my husband as being a "cheap" way to get fit and healthy i.e. no gym memberships, no equipment that ends up gathering dust at home, just a decent pair of running shoes, it is costing me loads! I'm like smhall, I want it all and am now not just addicted to running and this blog site but to every website selling running "stuff"!!

    My excuse - if I'm going to be a runner I need to look the part.......!

  • exactly. Normal t-shirts and trackies are too hot for running, I want to look hot, not feel hot!

  • When I started this here Cto5k, I thought, bah as long as I get myself a decent pair of running shoes I won't be needing any of that other STUFF. I got myself a pair of half-decent karrimoors from the sales and set off in a pair of bootcut tracky bottoms and an old t-shirt. Bootcuts - running - puddles- losing an inch from the waist - no drawstring - ahem - need I say more? I got myself a pair of running capris and loved the fabric so much - the rest, shall we say, is history (and so are my savings)

  • yes, you see, it's really fully justified, I like your thinking (and have copied it to my clipboard in case my spending is challenged)

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