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Sat here trying to find the motivation to start Week 9. I need to go soon as I've got a Tesco grocery delivery booked in the 10:00-12:00 slot :)

Personally for me Run 1 of any week always seems the hardest having had the weekend off from running!

I know I can do this, failure is not an option, I just need to get off Facebook, get out of this comfy chair and get into the zone!

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You can do it! :) Maybe put your running kit on while you're waiting for Mr Tesco, so that you're ready to go once you've sorted the shopping out ;)


I bet there are some nice goodies in your shopping to look forward to when you get back. Hope you nailed it!


Thank you, all done! :)


I feel like you after I have had the weekend off, finding it hard to get out the door, but once I'm out there it's ok. Well done for getting out there today and good luck with your graduation you'll be fine


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